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Rocky & Bullwinkle/ Peaboddy's Time Machine.

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Once upon a time I got involved with intrigue, and got associated with what we call nasty folks. In fact Boris and Natashah were bearing down on me. I said let
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2004
      Once upon a time I got involved with intrigue, and got associated
      with what we call nasty folks. In fact Boris and Natashah were
      bearing down on me. I said let me go, I have an important secret I
      can tell you. They stopped torturing me for a second, and asked what
      I knew. I know the secret about upsadaisium, so beware; I know about
      both of you, and what will happen in the future. How can you possibly
      know about that: they asked?" "Because I am part of your probable
      future, so listen and let go."

      "In the future I invent what is called the impossible resonant
      circuit. First you have to know what resonance itself consists of.
      You Russkies already know a bit about that. A resonance system can
      either provide voltage rise or amperage rise, depending how you set
      your radios. Around the turn of the century, near 2000 I make a
      system engaging a fluxuation between both systems via an arc gap."

      Boris and Natasha look at eacvh oither and both start shaking theire
      oval slavic heads. Norrisky you are surely a liar, this is the year
      1965, and that is some 35 years into the future. But we are taking
      you to bossky, and he can sort out your lies.

      A big light comes down on my head, and I am being interrogated. Whats
      all this shitsky, Mr. Norrisky, and how can you know the future so
      far away.

      "Well that is a deep subject. Lets just go beyond your current
      submarine warfare techniques. If you want a puzzle I will give you
      one. As I recall in this lucid dreaming, you aint really real. But if
      you donT belief that one, its okay. Lets just go to the next cartoon
      which involves Peaboddies time machine, but since this is a dream
      anyways, I have switched the lever forwards instead of backwards so
      that we can see beyond the year 2000, and I guarantee when you see
      those things, I will be released from your custody."

      Crunchy chryunch crunch chrunch.... circa 2005.
      "Here you have what is called a resonant rise of voltage circuit.-
      but it is also a resonant rise of amperage circuit: everything
      depends on what the load looks like." The machine, which is only the
      time machine from that time begins making its forcasts...
      "If the load is a short, that should be the maximum amperage that can
      be managed from the short circuit, and then scientifically we can say
      the load demand of the circuit is negotiated from the impedance
      branchways that surround that short circuit. And if you wish to see
      how much high voltage can be created by taking the load out of the
      picture, that is just fine, but you just cant get past the original
      limitations of the circuit; the impedance you use to create the
      voltage rise by series resonance; at the same time limits the
      possible current you can realize at short circuit." Bossky is really
      pissed now when he saw that precognition froom Peaboddies future time
      forcast prediction, which suppposedly is never wrong...

      Off to Siberia you asshole, I knew you were bullshit the whole time
      Mr. Norrisky. and Siberia is too good for you, and I hope you freeze
      your ass off too... But just then I kicked that lever into high
      gear.... Peaboddies machine began shaking and smoking....

      OOPS, mistakenzee... dogenzie... Nastrovia... Norrisky, yeah 2002,
      invention of the source frequency air core transformer a la tesla.
      Only two sentences were there in that history. Two phases can be used
      from an alternator to reproduce those conditions, and they will look
      like the ordinary resonant rise circvuit. It will only produce so
      much on short. But when the third phase of three is bore down from
      the outside onto the inside by mutual induction by INTERPHASING it
      does produce excess from original answer... that was the basis of
      the invention of the source frequency air core transformer.

      Bosskie was amazed. I guess we let you go, please have apologies
      here. Maybe some day you come and work for us.

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