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RE: [teslafy] ORIGINS OF FRIDAY !3th

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  • John Johnson
    Heard of Jaqcues Molay from an article I ve picked up from some masonic magazine but the mason who had it before was a sorry specimen of the kind, arrogant
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2004
      Heard of Jaqcues Molay from an article I've
      picked up from some masonic magazine but
      the "mason" who had it before was a sorry
      specimen of the kind, arrogant kids, positive
      pride in what and how much he could throw
      away, and any half decent lodge would bury him
      at high-tide sans tongue, whether he said
      anything or not.
      I checked up some, ages ago, about that spear
      but did Hitler get the real one? I doubt it.
      As for you, thoughtful, deliberate, maybe, but....
      gullible..?? Naah!

      Brilliant work as always!

      John J.

      --- On Sun 08/29, Harvey D Norris < harvich@... > wrote:
      From: Harvey D Norris [mailto: harvich@...]
      To: teslafy@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 10:12:29 -0000
      Subject: [teslafy] ORIGINS OF FRIDAY !3th


      Friday the 13th is a special holiday for me, so people may wonder why <BR>
      that is. Well it has to do with history. In fact it goes back to <BR>
      France. Jacque De Molay of the knight of Templars, and onward to St <BR>
      Joan of Arc ect. all heros or heroines burned at the stake. For the <BR>
      good of the state they say. Or was that the church, at the time those <BR>
      things were not seperate. But I would hope that everyone would have <BR>
      to go back into their own past to discover a simple thing. Every 13 <BR>
      years the calender repeats itself to the very day. So I happened to <BR>
      remember a single day in 1965, when I was only 10 years old, and it <BR>
      was on a Saturday. One may ask how could I remember such a day. The <BR>
      day was Sept 19th, 1965. And Tesla made special notes on Sept 19th, <BR>
      1899, in the Colorado Spring Notes. It is a day worth remembering. <BR>
      But here we are remembering the origins of Friday the 13th, and how <BR>
      the legend started where it became an unlucky day. To me it is a <BR>
      lucky day. Friday the 13th has no karma against me.<BR>
      In the year 1307,on Oct 13th, King Philiph of France started a <BR>
      campaign against the Templar Knights and Demolay may have forcasted <BR>
      their future demise, and both the Pope Clement the 5th, and King <BR>
      Philiph were dead within a year, but that didnt do any good for <BR>
      Demolay, because he was burnt at the stake. I dont know much about <BR>
      history, but that was the origin of the bad luck symbol associated <BR>
      with Friday the 13th. That was because it happened on Friday the 13th.<BR>
      The Knights Templar as they are known were a kind of secret society <BR>
      that guarded the holy GRAIL, from the wickedness of mankind, and they <BR>
      were given the command to keep the vessel apart from humanity at all <BR>
      costs, and to preserve it from those who would use it for gain by <BR>
      that very possesion. It seems very strange that this could be even <BR>
      possible. But at the same time later in history, Hitler gained access <BR>
      to the sword that pierced the side of Christ, from a museum in <BR>
      Austria, and he conquered half of Europe, they called that thing the <BR>
      sword of destiny. So such relics are not to be taken lightly. Who <BR>
      knows what power can be yeilded by those who own those things. And we <BR>
      also have the mythical legend of Britain's King Aurthur who also sent <BR>
      and went looking for the holy grail, a mere silver cup that was used <BR>
      for his blood or wine that he drank from at the last supper, I dont <BR>
      know about these strange beliefs, but obviously they hold some kind <BR>
      of power. and of course there is the movies about Indiana Jones, <BR>
      ect. If people believe in a thing, it has a power in itself. But <BR>
      that is only the skeptic in myself talking. I know that holy relics <BR>
      have a power inside themselves beyond what anyone attributes to them. <BR>
      Do YOU believe in GOD? I DO. NO PROBLEM THERE. I dont need science <BR>
      to confirm anything. Belief and faith goes beyond any expectations. <BR>
      Just look at the visions of MARY. Supposedly shes just the mother of <BR>
      Christ. Hell I aint even a Catholic, but I can beleive. Just call me <BR>
      At one time I had to look for a person that came from my past, and <BR>
      thats why I understand that the calender works on 13 year cycles. <BR>
      This was because I specifically remembered a single day that was a <BR>
      Saturday in 1965, and I began to question the fact. That was her <BR>
      birthday, and I was forced to attend. How can I know if Sept 19th was <BR>
      on a Saturday in 1965? My good friend Todric, or TR KING explained <BR>
      this to me. There is a cycle there. Every 13 years the calender <BR>
      cycle is repeated, so now you have seen this women from your youth <BR>
      again, but it is now 26 years later. She is just messing with your <BR>
      head, so forget her. Not so easy to do that. Now it is 13 times 3, <BR>
      and I wish I could see the one I scourned again. She once wore the <BR>
      cross to remind me of belief. So I do know that I will see her once <BR>
      again. I tend to think of her as a saint Joan of Arc, and perhaps <BR>
      both of us have been burnt at the stake in our past lifetimes, so <BR>
      before I go out of this place again, I will insist upon making <BR>
      HDN again.<BR>


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