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Re: [teslafy] Fwd: founding of the space studies institute ...

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  • John Johnson
    Sweet! Probably that s why I have a notion that a fully closed-loop GEET may work because in the exhaust (never mind the unburnt fuel for a moment!), there is
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2004
      Probably that's why I have a notion that
      a fully closed-loop GEET may work because
      in the exhaust (never mind the unburnt fuel
      for a moment!), there is carbon emmissions
      and with the added water and the combination
      stage (there is heat in spades!), there's bound
      to be a combustible recombinant when it gets
      to the motor.
      "But why don't GEET-folk do their own cars?"
      With a pretty early model there should be no
      difficulty getting at the works but with any of the
      modern motors, could you, looking under the
      hood, even... find... the engine?
      Nope, I thought not!
      Besides, the technology would eb cool by
      the time that you cease to have trouble with
      insurance folk and all that legal stuff over
      the much needed modifications.
      I have been seeing some of those mini
      motorised scooters around town and, in
      principle, it should be a too difficult to
      convert them.
      My problems:
      1 A magnet core magnetised in the
      earths magnetic field would be a pretty feeble
      creature: Mine would need an additional
      magnetisation core.
      2 I would be up to doing the soldering but
      would that be up to the task of holding the
      joints together or would welding (Soldering
      I can do but heavyduty welding I can't!)
      be needed instead?

      At least JLNs work with that tractor and
      bingofuel shows that we're in with a chance!

      Bravo, Jean Louis Naudin!!

      John Johnson.

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      Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 21:04:06 -0400
      Subject: Re: [teslafy] Fwd: founding of the space studies institute ...


      Interesting point "stagnation". I have been thinking along those same lines in relation to energy. It has been possible since WW II to produce gasoline and diesel fuel of a quality equal to "natural" fuel through process developed by the Nazi's. Powder carbon, add H2 under heat and pressure and you get Synthetic Natural Gas. Process that some more and you have gasoline or diesel. The hydrogen can come from water and could be produced through the steam gasification of coal. Done that way it would be relatively cheap and so you would in effect be producing gasoline from water. If Germany could produce 1/3 of their fuel this way in the 1940's surely someone could have refined the process further by now?<BR>


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