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Three Phase Rotary Arc Gap Solved

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  • harvey norris
    Luckily Dr. Wrongway was able to intercept this message sent to tesla list by HDN before such things should be said! HDN is not being politically corrected,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2001
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      Luckily Dr. Wrongway was able to intercept this
      message sent to tesla list by HDN before such things
      should be said! HDN is not being politically
      corrected, but The Dr. is acting to correct HDN's
      politically incorrect agenda(s) He is being
      re/educated according to the correct agenda of class
      struggle... where inherent Marxism is repressed.

      Now long ago, some bandying about the possibilities
      inherent in making a 3 phase tesla coil were made,
      also with the inherent crossing problem of
      incorporating the use of a high frequency source of AC
      available from alternators. Among these was a
      proposition that immediately made me laugh. This was a
      proposition whereby a list member MADE THE WONDERING
      OF HOW MANY CYCLES, per field rotation taking place,
      would make for the mechanical analogy for a rotary arc

      But with the holidays, a certain kind of vision was
      made with gearing propositions in the mind, where the
      mere mechanics of chains moving respective gears to
      establish ratios of rotation inherent in a parametric
      possibility finally gave way to the essential
      realization that the chains were not necessary, ratios
      of rotation are also unnecessary, and these things as
      arc gap techniques can be made by an entirely unique

      Now what becomes splendid with these possibilities is
      the fact that to superceed that action made by
      mechanical switching techniques, there is always the
      better solid state version of adaptation aptly shown
      by Marc metlicas triggered gap scenario, where he
      should also be able to make a quick circuit adaptation

      The mechanical analogy is made by a sprocket wheel, or
      gear with protrusions. The number of teeth is 3 times
      the amount of pole faces in rotation. That gear is
      attached to the field rotor to establish the higher
      amount of open/close switching required. A typical
      alternator with 7 pole faces produces 480 hz at medium
      range rpm, which is why I laughed the first time the
      concept of a higher than 60 hz high freq rotary arc
      gap was presented as a possibility. The workings of 3
      separate high amperage LC components, as three
      separate high voltage primaries, to excite 3 separate
      secondaries is made in the traditional manner employed
      with single phases.

      Each of those LC primaries has a midpoint triangular
      protrusion that leads to this sprocket arc gap, where
      at 120 degrees of contact with the rotation of the
      teeth can enable 3 discharges/ cycle.

      This then is the simple vision of such a negotiated
      triune arc gap. The problem evidently then becomes the
      fact that operation of single phasing techniques using
      one set of LC quantities to produce high frequency
      oscillations, have themselves as proponents of that
      oscillation never encountered the nemesis of that
      hypothesis whereby 4 units of two LC sets are
      responsible for instigating the high frequency.

      In that understanding the operation of arc gaps by a
      single phase, there was ruled the undesirable case,
      but yet that black sheep scenario case used in dual
      inverse application answers the original objections.
      The use of 4 LC quantities, instead of two means the
      tank will take a figure 8 pattern, where the center of
      the 8 is the rotating arc gap. This only makes it a
      Marxist Tank discharge, since twice the capacities
      being charged from direct connection to opposite
      voltages occurs before that discharge. That charging
      occurs in parallel, and is also discharged in series.
      The charging occurs by superior manner in the fact
      that direct cancellation of the reactance by first
      order is made by reactance cancellation, and the
      discharge is made by that action. HDN

      Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/

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