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[Sweet-VTA] Recovering Rick Anderson

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  • harvich
    To: sweet-vta@yahoogroups.com From: riskrraven@aol.com Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 17:16:46 EST Subject: [Sweet-VTA] Recovering Rick Anderson Reply-to:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2001
      To: sweet-vta@yahoogroups.com
      From: riskrraven@...
      Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 17:16:46 EST
      Subject: [Sweet-VTA] Recovering Rick Anderson
      Reply-to: Sweet-VTA@yahoogroups.com

      Hi All,

      I've used the Wayback Machien to recover some pages from Rick
      Anderson's former site. It was a very coherently done site, with
      many interesting ideas. Here are a few links I found. The pictures
      loaded for me at one computer station, but didn't at another, but at
      least I know they work sometimes! OK....

      The Philedelphia Experiment and MRI connection...

      A very interesting e-mail from a Lt Colonel claiming to have been
      working on anti-gravity and the philidelphia experiment. A very cool


      Rotating Field Circuit--NOT Torsion, see note after all the links.


      The Lorenzt Force Generator I've been looking for, found at long
      last!! It has the circuit and everything. This is the same
      principle that homeopathy works on, to an extent, and is what I
      believe would be the best cure for a bioweapons attack whent he agent
      is unknown or otherwise untreatable.


      White noise generating circuit...

      These two are interesting. In this first, Rick talks about how the q
      of a network could be an anologue of space, if I get it right.
      Remember, Gabriel Kron worked on Network Analyzers and negative
      resistors with the Navy at Standford, and SWEET WAS HIS PROTEGE. Tom
      Bearden has mentioned that Sweet's close looping of the VTA was
      likely connected to this partnership. As well, we can see the 47MHz
      frequency, in the second file, one used by Sweet in his conditioning

      Rotating magnetic fields as described by Rick and what I assume are
      thought to be the norm in MRI are NOT the same kind of field you'd
      get in an artificial torsion arrangement. I believe that this is
      only possible by segmenting a torroid into four coils, and have
      opposing coils bucking in a longitudinal manner. Doing this
      correctly you can form two bucking poles with the four coil arrange.
      The field then looks like two perfect semi-circular horseshoe magnets
      bucking together. The coil pairs would run a sin wave, then that sin
      wave in reverse. Adajacent coils would be one half wave off, in this
      timing sequence. By adding the perpendicular field the Colonel
      decribes, the right field geometry creates two counter rotating
      vortices in the device. Thus a self contained torsion exists at the
      focus of the device with a field that can be biased to create a
      magnetic and electric (dipolar) field arrangement that in turn
      stimulates a Poytning vector inside and outside the vehicle.
      Everything moves as one, so no
      inertial forces are felt. It's the kind of antigrav Townsend Brown
      forsaw, but could not have achieved with his isolated capacitance
      based system. Anyway, take a look at the pages, and have some eye
      drops near by, because, as Rick once pointed out, these pages can
      produce blury eyed stares that last long after the reading is done.


      PS-here is the site I used to recover the files. It has the entire
      contents of the internet saved from 1996 on! Thanks to Jerry Decker
      for posting it on his list.

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