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Ferrite Failure

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  • Harvey D Norris
    DA, the ferrite actually does nothing like imagination can make it do in theory. So today I make journey back to pick up missing equipment. I go to marc
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2001
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      DA, the ferrite actually does nothing like imagination can make it do
      in theory. So today I make journey back to pick up missing
      equipment. I go to marc metlica's 666 hyde address to retreive dazzle
      software, so that scope forms can be made. Everything is so important
      that knowledge is hard to know.

      The procurement of a hypothesis, and then the direct evidence to the
      contrary would seem to make one an ass. But I seen this movie about
      God, with English lads pronouncing It Arss or somewhat: whereby
      others themselves even become apologetic for their own profession.

      In all reporting, the element of believe-ability comes into the
      picture. If you believe you can atribute amperage conduction and
      voltage impressed as to the understandings of the workings of that; I
      would say glory to that understanding.

      That understanding is defined historically as impedance defined on a
      chart on two dimensions, where the horizontal represents actual
      resistance, and the vertical quantities are reactance results of X(L)
      vs X(C)placed in cancellation to yeild the lowest possible
      cancellation of those reactances for resonance, as ideally defined.,
      bur realistically not always realized.

      Because of the special circumstances involved with the spatial
      interaction of resonance; whereby only one step is tried at a time,
      that total info is as a sum the conclusion. In spatial resonance:
      what that conclusion indicates is the neccesity for factoring in an
      addtional z coordinate as the component vector solution of resultant
      Z quantity of impedance determined by not just two dimensional
      coordinates, but three. But that mathematical idea itself as an
      effect to explain conductances does not incorporate the fact of Z
      becoming lower, instead of higher.

      Its bullshit that i do and I do owe as knowledge exploration, where
      once when I confronted another with lack of knowledge, the return
      favor is given. Its a sort of game that someone has forced onto you,
      where you cant say the word directly. FAILURE

      All of the ferrite conductions appear only to be due to LEAKAGE
      REACTANCE, with no speculated capacitive reactance in comparison.
      This was easily determined by using a 1 nf ferrite sample in series
      with 60 henry coil. The ferrite only acts as short, allowing only
      the minimal coil conduction, also when in placed inside coil sample.

      Consternations about preconceptions ,abound ,when ferrite resonant
      conductions have already been evidenced in the first stage of
      experimentation, but when when later established for careful evidence
      prooves redundant or illusive. The test that is supposed to proove
      something, prooves nothing at all, leaving the tesla prototype ideas
      of Sr Fe application quite a bit as only desert wind, like movie of
      those voices.


      Additional considerations then become apparent by differences
      established in conduction of elements.

      Now there is a ferrrite fiasco I must report, wherer for the year of
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