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3368Yahoo Groups new policy.

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  • harvich
    Oct 18, 2013
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      Yep, these folks are gong downhill. First they delete everyone's group cover picture.
      I recently switched to the new Yahoo mail so I could delete some of my atrociously large mailbox entries. Now they will not highlight URL's anymore either. That means if you cite a URL in a letter, instead of just clicking on it to go there you must now go through the laborious task of using the edit/ copy /paste regimen. Here is the answer to my query:

      Why do posts to my Yahoo Group show URL's that are not highlighted?


      I'm not fully following your post as it's a jumble of information that's not clearly explained or defined. I will try to assist but feel you may need to provide more information for me to provide a valid answer.

      First, we recommend you delete this entire post because you should never post your email address on a public site. Answers specifically archives questions publicly so if the question is not deleted, I would expect spam at that address.

      Second, URLs in general are no longer hyperlinked in Yahoo Groups. This was a decision the engineers made for security reasons. If you're seeing the hyperlink, you may still be on the old version of Groups which works completely different than the new version.

      Third, if you see 'me' as the sender. This is most likely in Yahoo Mail as this is something that they've setup in the last version. There is no way to make the Mail system not show 'me' as the sender in your account. You can provide feedback on that feature choice here:


      Where the Mail product team is gathering feedback directly from our customers to make the product what they want.

      Hope that helps!

      Yep Yahoo SUCKS, but we are stuck here for record retrievals.

      HDN  PS- I wonder if yahoo will hyperlink their own URL's! We will see when the letter arrives