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3361Facebook leads for Harvey Norris

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  • harvich
    Oct 5, 2013
      Yep today we helped a friend get her lap top working, where she did not know the password. Karl Bender; the mentally ill comrade delighted in the duty and brought over several password breaker programs which he didnt need to use anyways. He found out no one put in administrative password and was in in a flash. Meanwhile  he disconnected my computer from the land line and plugged in hers so he could install some virus program, where he found 131 viruses from the previous owner from Malware or something.  So after all these shenanigans are finished I get my computer back after rebooting the modem, and I go to my bookmarked Facebook entry. Instead I get another different Harvey Norris, so I sent him some notes, where we might be related since he came from Cleveland, and my grandfathers namesake was Harvey O Norris, and he had a brother, so maybe his offspring also made a namesake from the uncle. I told him I was an inventor and to just google the name to find out. So I did this too and found nothing. Hmmft. So then I tried Harvey D Norris. Lo and behold I found this entry giving me honorous mention. This was from Leslie R Pastor, a frequent past poster at JLN list which I always try to post there also when I make a video.

      This is well worth purveying, and thanks Leslie for the honorable mention here...
      Sincerely HDN