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3360Corona Discharge from 12 volt 3 phase alternator

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  • harvich
    Oct 4, 2013
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      Of course I have always insisted that if a ferromagnetic step up transformer were instead used from the three phase source to achieve these results, the amperage demand from that primary would reduce the voltage supply considerably. After many months of idle behavior I have resurrected this device for a potential halloween demo. It shows no more then five amp consunption for this case, which may be explained later... In any case here we go. I have also played with the gimp program and taken some jpegs from this Friday night movie, just like Turner Classic Movies, we are up for the option.
      I have received the vibration from the violet ray and find it rejuvenating, but that isn't shown yet. Here's a preview of the ending video shots of the upcoming video entitled "Corona Discharge from 12 volt 3 phase alternator," where now I find it useful to interpose a spark plug between the bulbs in the future. From the flicker window;
      From the video;
      after gimp modification
      Brightness and contrast set at 70 with gimp program;(3 phase 12 volt alternator input from resonant air core secondaries to bipolar TC)
      http://www.flickr.com/photos/harvich/10087889843/ The corona shots didnt work as well; original...
      gimp set at 67

      Taken from


      Adios Amigos