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3347Camoflaged Invention

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Jul 31, 2013
      My great invention of the 666 machine appears camouflaged to the rest of the world, just like this praying mantiss found in my garden weed burning spot. I went to burn it and this creature spoke to me, saying Harvich your great desire for the nature of plants and gardening is taking away from your purpose in life, which is to teslafy and to bring into the world the true resonant transformer principles that have been revealed to you by your studious study of resonant circuits. You need to revive this effort and make a statement concerning this grand scheme. I replied to the mantiss; Dear honored weedhopper; Sire no fire will start today, but in the future it will catch. I am schooled in the Northern Mantiss "Crushing Step" -Tang Lang Peng Pu Ch'uan as taught by Green Dragon Society under the auspices of Master John Allen. I welcome practicioners of the art at my residence to rehearse the form at daily 6:30 AM exercizes. But in the meantime the importance of the 666 machine applied to human and plant electrotherapy has become evident. This is because the nature of the resonant arc is naturally superior to the iron hammer method of the ferromagnetic transformer. Because of its great inertia it does not move effortlessly through space and may need exterior quenching to cease its activity, which is the purpose in the high frequency transformer to excite and desist in as rapid rate as required from the source. If we are attached to the things in the world, they may bind us in this manner, and if we are not trained as human animals to be bound, mental illness results. The resonant arc connects to the source that will naturally cause that arc to desist or quench and end its existence naturally. The cycle is then repeatedly repeated, surely as we are incarnated over and over again. In its presence of vicinity the Soul is repeatedly reminded of its journey through nature as it is until the fire of enlightment manifests itself. And then we become bodhisattvas they suppose, but here you have an electrical process of nature that itself deems seeming of worship. And then we learn that Lakhovsky made antennaes to broadcast a Multiwave plethora of frequencies to energize all cells in the body with a higher working cellular voltage, but he was using an iron hammer to make it work. It then crystalized as a concept that the resonant arc source meets the criteria for these antennae, to excite arcs and desist or quench them as quickly as they form, and to do this on a multitude of different size concentric diameter metal rings with open ends. In summo for the resonant arc the circuit giving the least impedance and highest amperage with the least magnetic inertia or reactance as delivery of series resonant rise of voltage beyond its source voltage negotiated by Q factor is present during formation of the lifetime of this arc, bypassing the use of the iron step up transformer for this purpose of raising the acting voltage: but when the two resonant bipolar oppositely designed ends meet, the connecting point becomes a desert of highest impedance as evidenced as a reversion of L and C components to a tank or parallel resonance. As such the source then exponentially outputs Q squared less amperage and also reverts the voltage across the arc back to the source voltage, also leaving a resonant rise of amperage in the circuit, with the net effect of naturally quenching the arc, so that this cyclic process of resonant voltage rise may repeat itself.