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3343Re: [teslafy] Arcless High Frequency.

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  • Andreas Hahn
    Jun 16, 2013
      How can a bulb replace an arc gap?

      Please don't break the law, it's illegal. If you're the sort of person who
      would state your intentions of commiting a crime on a worldwide mailing
      list... you're also definitely not cut out to be a criminal.

      On Sun, 16 Jun 2013, Harvey D Norris wrote:

      > Former set up for scopings dismantled. I may go back and show some decent scopings of the complete pulsed magnetic field oscillation achieved through amplification of rotational voltage vector as
      > heterodyned effect of combining these frequencies. A former developement is under investigation, the use of a bulb as the primary arc gap. I have found that only certain bulbs work with the ones
      > at hand and that xenon and krypton can show this function. Helium did not work. I have not tried neon. Of course the secondary action is very weak, but it will allow a small neon to light between
      > the top terminals of the bipolar set up. I have now realized a somewhat brilliant thing which will allow a direct comparison of polar capacity to dual plated capacity, and the consequences
      > thereof. This may lead to a new type of Lakhovsky machine. Other borderline research will have to remain confidential as laws exist against it. Basically what I propose to do if it is feasible at
      > all is to replace the two polar capacities with a single dual plated one. This then will be scaled up geometrically to provide a smaller capacity; and then an intervening human body will be placed
      > between the plates and adjusted to resonance. At this weakest level that lights a neon between the top globes of polar capacity, now a neon will light when a person walks between the plates. I
      > have a feeling that plates may provide too much capacity. If this is the case spiral copper tubing designs will be tried. In any case a demonstration of the human body becoming part of a resonant
      > circuit with a neon bulb indicator should show the kind of Lakhovsky effects we are looking for. Look at the Lakhovsky claims here, resonance is a major factor. Now I come along and show a device
      > with no ferromagnetic transformer needed to power the device by step up transformation; instead I am using source frequency resonance to accomplish the preliminary voltage rise by using the higher
      > frequencies available by alternator.(I use 465 hz) Next I have no direct wire connections between the high voltage end and the input connections. It is simply an advancement over previous TC
      > design because it is based on resonance and it is truly wireless. This may demand new constructions. Those things may have to wait because I am basically penniless. This is why I am looking into
      > breaking the law to aquire funds for research and staring danger in the face while laughing about it. Back again soon, garden duty calls. HDN
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