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2970HDN Submits his "Psuedo- Science" to TCML

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Jul 1, 2011
      Re: [TCML] 3 phase Car Alternator WIRELESS Bipolar TC
      Thursday, June 23, 2011 8:13 PM
      "Ed Phillips" <evp@...>

      "Tesla Coil Mailing List" <tesla@...>

      I guess I agree with Chip when he say "It is difficult to understand
      the direction of your post.". I've been following this thread since you
      started it some time back and have never been able to figure out it is
      that you're demonstrating and what the significance of the demos is
      supposed to be. Lots of pictures of expensive and time-consuming project
      hardware but never a sketch to clarify the connections between the
      various components or narrative stating what the experiment is trying to
      demonstrate. You'd get a lot more attention and a wider audience of
      interested readers if you would do that for us.

      Now as for Mr. Lau, I think he once called the esteemed work of Robert Moon; published by 21st Century Science and Technology;

      www.21stcenturysciencetech.com (Fall 2004)

      New Explorations with The Moon Model
      by Laurence Hecht with Charles B. Stevens

      Toward a new model of the nucleus, based on the pioneering work in physics of Robert J Moon. May 7, 2004

      It was this paper that led me to understand the expansion of time inherent with the fact that four wires in 3D space with magnetic fields around them can exist in 3D space with no interference between them, where common sense would indicate that the ordinary 3D x,y z coordinate axis should do this, but it does not. I could go back in TCML archives and find his statement; this sounds like psuedo- science. Here is his reply in my case;


      I have a formal education and degree in electrical engineering, have studied and understand the underlying engineering principals behind Tesla coil operation, and I have built many well-performing Tesla coils. But after reading your post and your many similar posts prior to this, I still have NO idea what you're talking about.

      Are you reporting on what you believe to be some previously undiscovered phenomenon? Beware that if you're proposing that the current circuit theories are less than valid, it will be met with a VERY large amount of skepticism.

      Without a clear schematic diagram, I can't tell how your circuit is wired. As 3 phase alternators are not typically used with TC's, I can't tell what you're doing. The videos show just a large collection of wire spools and multimeters and not a clue about how they're interconnected and powered.

      You seem to be suggesting that the coupling of power between your coils somehow constitutes wireless power transmission. Is this any different than in any other Tesla coil between the primary and secondary coils? I see nothing noteworthy here.

      How is using a spark gap with water as an electrode useful, different, or better than???

      I think you have a great deal to say, about nothing. Pure techno-babble,
      IMO. Sorry.

      Gary Lau
      MA, USA

      On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 1:46 PM, Harvey Norris <harvich@...> wrote:

      > 3 phase WIRELESS Bipolar TC system
      > At (3 ph) AC car alternator freq of 465 hz; a SOURCE FREQ series resonance
      > can be established where by using a very large air core inductance, (2.4 H)
      > the power transfer above and below sandwiched (pancake spirals obtained from
      > 3 phase),(266 primary system) can be attained to itself power two primary
      > arc gaps. This makes the operation of the TC system a COMPLETELY wireless
      > operation. Even though this system is obviously a new type of tesla coil
      > system, TCML refuses to allow posts concerning the subject, saying they do
      > not discuss subjects on wireless power; they are off topic? The thing that
      > makes these things work is that the source freq C value @ 465 hz will be the
      > same C value that the tesla tank primary uses. No ferromagnetic transformers
      > are used to power the primaries, instead the series resonant rise of voltage
      > is used.

      Here is my reply to those folks; which is a synopsis of previous works;

      Evidence of Time Distortion Via 3 phase Air Core Mutual Inductance
      Friday, July 1, 2011 8:11 PM
      "Harvey Norris" <harvich@...>


      Bear in mind that I already know I am wasting my time here, so no reply is necessary. However I will give some preliminary evidence. Throw it away, delete it, or whatever. However it is still my perogative to issue statements.

      "Are you reporting on what you believe to be some previously undiscovered
      phenomenon? Beware that if you're proposing that the current circuit
      theories are less than valid, it will be met with a VERY large amount of

      The very first wireless TC demo used this power source.
      666 machine

      Since you hate psuedo-science to such a great degree, I have elected to pick on you. I will enjoy your redicule to a great degree, so if you can; please ridicule me in further replies. See if you can find the (GREAT) mistake in the above video. If you do, you are truly observant.

      In the first embodiment two equal large induction coils were used to empower the wireless TC. One was the sender and the other the receiver. At the end of the video I show the lifting of the primary power source from the secondary, and the cessation of TC activity.

      Now here comes a great mystery that initially baffled me. Even though both of these 2.4 H coils are of equal value, more voltage will be secured through the secondary then the voltage and amperage that issues through the secondary. This was shown on the two videos preceeding the one just shown.
      December 14, 2010 11:05 AM | Discovery of the Wireless Tesla Coil

      Now of course utmost confusion will be present on my description so flicker references will be cited about the power source.

      666 coil system with pancake coil secondaries
      We have classified the 666 machine as a nine coil system using six polar
      reaction areas, given six options for polarity, where all the options are set at one sixth of a cycle, hence it produces the effects that a six phase system
      could deliver. Ordinarily we would not suppose that a six phase system can
      accomplish effects that a strict interpretation of the three phase system could not itself accomplish if instead the cycle separation time at the polar interaction areas were instead set at one third of a cycle or 120 degrees...,
      however this is untrue in light of the fact that the three phase system can not
      produce Lenz Law effects by mutual induction between phasings whereby that voltage component with relation to the phasal line connections and phase
      rotation will always arrive BEHIND that rotation, or be lagging it. Instead the
      666 machine allows that component to arrive AHEAD of the phase rotation. This in turn causes more voltage to appear on the interphasal outputs then the components it is sourced from. In the following video a third vibration contained as phase 3 used as the flux capacitor is showing 20.6 volts and is sourced from individual voltage rises of 11.2 volts and 8.6 volts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAc3jQziicc

      666 Coil System Voltage Outputs
      An average 13 some volts is internally made by resonant rise of voltage,(Vi) from the lowest possible input of ~1 volt stator obtained in unenergized field.
      On (1-2) 25.2 volts is obtained between 1Vi= 13.9 volts and 2vi= 13.2 volts. The phase angle by the law of cos is the sum of the squares of the component vi values minus the square of the interphasal voltage/ all divided by twice the multiplication of the component vi values; which then gives the cos of the phase angle. To find the actual phase angle we take the inverse cos function and multiply by 360 degrees/2pi radians.[13.9^2+13.2^2-25.2^2]/(2*13.9*13.2) =-.729 ;cos^-1 (-.729)*(360/6.28)= 136.9 degrees. For (1-3) we find cos^-1(-.719) yeilds a 136 degree phase angle. Finally (2-3) yields cos^-1=-.485 equating to 119.1 degrees. "Extra time has appeared on both (1-2) and(1-3) voltage differences in time, with a total phase angle difference of 392 degrees;~10% extra time. Coincidentally the 666 machine achieves 10% increase in inductive reactance by aquisition of mutual inductance by using 6 polar interaction zones interacted at 1/6th a cycle for a 6
      phase effect; where employment of a 3 phase effect in these magnetic interactions between phasings will always yield the stronger opposite effect of instead decreasing the inductive reactance, and thus the possible q factor determined by X(L)/R should be diminished for the 3 phase example employing mutual inductance between phasings.

      As can be seen from these preceeding videos; using equal coils for power transmissions,, 3 some ma issues from the sender, and the reciever has 15 ma. I now understand perfectly well why this takes place. During this demo a malfunction took place and current to one of the stator lines during the TC operation took place. Since you folks undoubtably have degrees, you will also understand why this takes place. If not I can advise you to why it takes place. These are the preliminaries involved with my discovery of the wireless TC principle. Please understand that after this point, about 7 different principle embodiments of investigation took place; but from here onward the use of the 666 machine to provide the initial voltage rise was entirely abandoned. It was from this point that I instead employed the pancake coil primaries known as the 266 primary system. Here are a few videos that showed that developement in order of succesion of logical thinking. Of
      course I have made many mistakes which are noted in the videos;

      Flux Capacitor Introduction

      Video Records from 10/21/10;

      Scopings of 266 and 263 Machine Polar Areas

      HDN's Time Distortion Theory

      Adding an resonant inductor load in space to correct excessive phase angle found over 180 degrees

      These are the 2.3 mh pancake coils whereby the mutual inductance between layers is maximized by the geometry of the inductor,

      December 28, 2010 09:02 AM |
      Three phase stacked windings of Radio Shack MegaCable Speaker ...

      3rd Embodiment of the Wireless Tesla Coil;

      This shows the revised meter placement, and alternator set-up. I think all of this is enough for now.
      I haven't gone through all the different embodiments, however the one I submitted to TCML was about the 8th one. Please write back and tell me how stupid and silly I am, so I can tell the rest of the world your esteemed opinions. Oh, and by the way I have much larger alternators at my disposal(I think I showed the stator ring on one of these) powered by a variable speed motor that cost a fortune; and this one is a paired 3 phase system turning two simultaneous 3 phase ones on a common axle, that can be offset to be an authentic 6 phase system, where this has already been done.

      Surely there is an old saying; don't go away mad, just go away.
      However I do not go away.

      Sincerely or not;
      Harvey D Norris

      Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/