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1845RE: [teslafy] RFR Shenanigans And Costings/ Off topic

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  • Keith Nagel
    Dec 1, 2006
      Hi Harvey,

      As always, I greatly enjoy your updates.

      The 101,000 dollar question, at this point, is...

      "Did you make a CD/DVD?"

      I'm sure we'd all like to hear the results of your "experiment".


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      Ready For Rehab
      was the musical group I became associated with and learned from.
      In actuality I am a fairly decent guitarist with lead ability, but I
      mostly follow the example set by the boss.

      As I recall I gave the keyboard boss $2500.00 for Yamaha Keyboard/
      Jimmy Jam is his nickname and a good freind of mine.
      I can even call his mother mom, and also I am a good freind of that
      family. I frequently drop a bottle of Canadian Gold Whisky to her and
      family because they are in need, and may not always be able to afford
      such things for themselves.

      1000 dollars to the felonius criminal record bearing drummer, for the
      Pearl set of drums. His son is also the copper thief in Florida.
      This theif was the first one to be fired. His crimes against me and my
      family are too numerous to be mentioned/ If bad karma holds a lesson
      against the noble, let it be.

      900 dollars for somewhat professional recording equipment; 8 track CD
      plus microphones

      1150 dollars from bad check from outside Black guitarist/ 200 for cheap
      stratacaster loan

      400 dollars for cheap miniature PA

      400 dollars for flute for frivilous female who demanded this.
      Easy demand since both me and the boss lived with her at differnt times
      and spaces.

      Baringer special effects and Fender tube amps for myself; extra strat
      guitar; ~ 1000 dollars

      Untold thousands spent on cocaine friviolities which eventually has led
      to me firing everyone.

      All I have told the parties is just leave me alone; but it is difficult
      to rid myself of some of these scavengers.

      End Result;
      108,000 to begin with from May of records recorded here;
      now about 7,000 left from money market account.
      50,000 paid on new residence, slightly less then total investment in
      home with mom and me share as equal partners. Not half in my name yet.
      Hopefully this investment in real estate should afford me some kind of
      tax shelter.

      Another ~105,000 money market account is left which matures next April
      or so. This should be held in reserve for scientific investment if
      possible, or maybe a business deal.

      Taxman; Forget about it; I will think about prison time before I pay
      those criminals anything.


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