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1804Re: HDN Reports Back

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  • James David Robbins
    Sep 19, 2006
      Let me get this straight:

      After months of silence, you post a missive saying you were there all the time, you weren't asleep at the wheel and the very next posting includes:

      The Great Stock Market Secret From: Casey Shimano

      What is going on? Do you think this is a joke? How much are these bozos paying you to allow this bullshit to be posted? Did one of your relatives get a stockbroker gig.

      I do not like seeing this. I spend too much time everyday deleting bullshit like this from my inbox and then I open this.

      Maybe you need a little help. Maybe you should resign and let someone else do this job. You don't seem up to it.
      I quit. Please remove my name from this list.

      Jim Robbins
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