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1803RE: [teslafy] HDN Reports Back

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  • Keith Nagel
    Sep 19, 2006
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      Hi Harvey,

      Frankly, I find your personal stories much more interesting and
      enlightening, for example your story about "rooster" the mathematician
      was a gem that kept me smiling for days...But you want to talk
      about numbers now, so OK.

      I've thought abit about this same problem, that of a "3 dimensional"
      rotation. What got me to think about this is something called
      spacial quantization, but as the idea didn't fit the physical
      observations I won't bore you with the details. However, the
      basic idea of a three dimensional spin follows from this

      We define spin in three dimensions by a plane, and an orthogonal
      axis. It follows that there are three such spins, cooresponding
      to the three dimensions. This same idea can be applied to a 4
      dimensional space, now with four possible spin axis and a plane
      in 2 dimensions.

      It's interesting to speculate on a new kind of spin, one defined
      by a three dimensional volume rather than a 2 dimensional plane,
      and an axis. Again there are 4 such spins, cooresponding
      to the 4 dimensions, but the appearance of such a "3 spin" in our
      3 dimensional world would be quite odd. Is this what you are
      referring to below, or the more simple case of an ordinary spin
      but with the axis being the 4th dimension?


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      --- Keith Nagel <knagel@...> wrote:

      > Hi Harvey,
      > Welcome back.
      > Do keep us informed about your trials and
      > tribulations with RFR,
      > your stories are wonderful and most charming. I'll
      > certainly consider
      > buying a copy of the DVD.
      > K.
      This may be awhile according to the editor. He wishes
      to do printed captions ect. Looking to soon buy
      regular sound recording eqipment to record ordinary CD
      without video counterpart.

      There is a thing about people. The drummer mentioned
      often looking at the clock and seeing 4:44, even
      waking up late at night to see the digital clock
      display reading the number.

      The undeniable fact is that according to flat
      dimensional phasing laws a stator line delivery
      sharing both sending and return currents to the delta
      arrangement will be most efficient with four phases
      instead of three. With three phases; 1.7 Amps delivery
      from stator line to phasing load lines can split into
      1 amp deliveries. Yet with 4 phase this becomes the
      same effect yeilding 1 amp deliveries on phases with
      only 1.4 amp delivery lines. Is this a deception or
      not? Where is the arguments against it? I have surely
      thought of this. The four lines each containing 1.4 A
      supply total 4*1.4= 5.6 A in vs 4 A on delivery lines.
      In contrast the three phase example is 1.7*3= 5.1 in
      yeilding 3 A on delivery lines. If we went to 5 phases
      the stator lines would contain SQ RT of 5 stator line
      delivery; higher then the SQ RT 3= 1.7 A delivery
      evident in three phase. The quadrature phase delivery
      is based on the lowest sq rt of 2 = 1.4

      Now think about three dimensional stator/ phase load
      arrangements. For this purpose we might imagine a cube
      or other three dimensional construct whereby each line
      of the three dimensional construct represents a phase
      and each corner of the imagined 3D structure is served
      by a stator line. A 3D arrangement like this implies
      that on minimum a stator line can serve three arms of
      the load instead of merely two as exists on the flat
      plane arrangement.

      Now concerning the meaning of 444: how could
      quadrature be placed into three dimensions as to make
      it more efficient then flat plane laws can allow?
      This is a more mysterious problem then is first
      considered. A three dimensional rotation may not be
      the answer. but rather a semblance of the same effect
      can be conceptualized using 3 sets of 3 phases
      arranged to chase each in three dimensional space
      orthogonally on all appropriate 3D angles. This would
      be a mental construct employing a geometry employing
      nine different corners I would suppose.

      A lot of mistakes can be made in suppositions. In the
      above idea we would have to split the 360 degrees of
      timing into 9 equal parts for stator delivery to the
      corners. But to concieve three dimensionally as
      arrangement for timing delivery upon the corners in a
      harmonical matter even demands further consideration.
      Similar to the construction of magic cubes, there may
      be a minimal size for the first possibility to exist.

      A flat plane magic square is first evident using 3,
      but the same construct applied to three dimensions is
      impossible using 3. It is also impossible using 4.
      When the realization beset me I then knew that 8 to a
      side was possible on three dimensions and I started to
      map it out. But on further questioning on the matter I
      was informed that it could be done with 5 to a side
      which seems to be a contradiction of theory, but
      nevertheless it has been proved.

      Six, the duality of three is a more difficult balance
      on flat plane magic number laws. But yet if we
      attempted to incorporate the idea of quadrature in
      three dimensions as the 444 idea seems to lead to:
      only six points of stator lines leads to a 3D object
      on its corners. This would then be represented as a
      visible four sided pyramid setting opposite to its
      mirror images with respect to both bases.

      In any case the imagination of man is a grand thing:
      and it is how imagination is applied to reality that
      produces new conceptions. Here the concept of three
      dimensional phasing arrangements is concieved of.

      Sincerely HDN

      Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/

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