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1796HDN Reports Back

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Sep 14, 2006
      Sorry about the negligence here as a moderator and the controlling of
      spam. Anyone can volunteer to be a co- moderator. I seem to recall
      the the VTA list was started by someone who later dissapeared,
      perhaps even with some sending funds to him (the original author of
      the VTA list). I guess Guy Resh (spelling in question) took over as
      moderator of that list.

      Anyways I am skeptical about the possibility of setting a magnetic
      substance into internal molecular or domain rotation so as for the
      end effect of setting up a collector coil to continually extract

      I believe in focusing on what is possible and discarding the
      impossibilities. But every false lead may lead down further avenues
      of this labyrinth in hope of reaching the end of the maze. Strontium
      ferrite usage as a heating element seems to be a practical
      possibility provided the inputs and arrangements are correct. These
      consist of impedance matching of outer ballasting components and the
      availability of input frequency, which may be a obstacle for
      commercial developement since we are generally based on the 60 hertz
      power distribution.

      Comments concerning the efficiency of solid state conversion of
      frequency to higher frequency are welcome. As I understand it the
      variable speed AC motor driven by a frequency controller is in quite
      common usage. Here instead of the higher frequency being sent to a
      variable speed AC motor the possibility of the input being sent into
      resonantly ballasted strontium ferrite heat release seems a distinct
      possibility. This might become practical for such devices in plastic
      extrusion ect.. The whole question becomes a comparison of current
      devices to electrically provide this heat demand versus the
      resonantly driven ones using SrFe, as I have outlined in
      investigations of the maximum energy transfer principle as powered by
      a common automotive AC alternator providing 480 hz to proper resonant
      circuits. In this particular Teslafy cited instance the outer
      ballasting used was of a lower inductance to provide for the highest
      amperage delivery across the ferrite, which would set it into
      incandescence. This in turn would crumble and melt the ferrite. It
      would seem possible to employ ferrite heat release in a much less
      dramatic manner provided higher inductances were designed on the
      outer ballasting elements, which should be a subject to be further
      persued with the existing 480 hz alternator. A more important future
      aspect would be to explore the use of frequency controllers to
      replace the function of the alternator, and the efficiency losses
      involved on that input at higher frequencies. I would hope to soon
      speak to my local motor supplier concerning this aspect, and again
      any informed comments on the matter will be welcome.

      Lately the scientific efforts on my part have come to a standstill
      but I think this is only a temporary diversion. The household
      arrangements have become complicated by many factors, all due to the
      reception of a large monetary amount from family land sale and some
      family infighting. A substantial sum has been spent on foolishness,
      drug abuse, alcoholism all enabled by a band venture that has taken
      away all free time, including that for the teslafy group, so again
      anyone can volunteer to be a moderator, but I hope to now more
      frequently check in as my living arrangements should be finalized
      next week.

      I am surrounded by scavengers with no income, who have a musical
      inclinations with me, and I complain to myself about the invasion of
      privacy but this is a story in itself about the many somewhat
      perilous conditions I have had to endure for the common good. Some
      20,000 dollars have been frittered away. Our musical band is named
      RFR, whose initial symbolism is Ready for Rehab, which I think all of
      us are. These folks around me have some bad mental problems, leading
      to many stories about the exploits I have been forced into. We
      should have some kind of DVD release soon.

      Harvey D Norris
      Future Teslafy Contributor
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