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OUR CLIMATE: DEAD OR ALIVE?: Schumann’s Resonances and Vision 2020 (snips)

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    The following snips are taken from OUR CLIMATE: DEAD OR ALIVE?: Schumann’s Resonances and Vision 2020
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2003
      The following snips are taken from OUR CLIMATE: DEAD OR ALIVE?: Schumann�s Resonances and Vision 2020 http://www.nwbotanicals.org/oak/newphysics/schuclimate.htm
      �What is clear is that part of the money voted to Bush�s Star Wars plan will be used for research into space-based lasers,� the Independent reported. �These, we are told, will be used to shoot down the missiles fired in anger by �rogue states.� But they will, inevitably, evolve into weapons aimed at America�s enemies from space. U.S. Space Command doesn�t even bother to hide this fact. The most chilling illustration in Vision 2020 is of such a space-based laser firing a beam of energy at the earth.� What the Russians are worried about (as they�re trying to explain in badly translated prose from Moscow�s Interfax News Agency) are U.S. plans to begin large-scale scientific experiments using the Alaska-based HAARP in 2003. Ninety Russian deputies signed the appeal against the HAARP program, charging that the experiments �would create weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoke serious accidents in electricity networks and in oil and gas pipelines and have a negative impact on the mental health of people populating entire regions.� (Fitrakis, 2002)
      The ionosphere shields us from deadly radiation from the sun and deep space.  Holes are now being routinely punched in this insulating blanket by high-frequency radio waves, and may accidentally tear open the fragile cocoon of human and planetary evolution.  Dire consequences could be as devastating as the failure of an individual's pacemaker. The forces of chaos could be let loose, doing irreversible damage. The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) puts this technology for environmental modification in the hands of the military command � a frightening prospect. Because of national security mandates, we can�t be sure just what they are doing with it, and conjecture is running rampant. Hopefully, it can be disclosed before it is too late for all of us.
      Fossil evidence demonstrates (climactic) collapse can happen within a decade and persist for centuries. This new paradigm of rapid climate change is now broadly accepted worldwide. Such triggers can create spikes of around 10 degrees C. in about a decade, followed by plateaus of about 20 years, then dramatic cooling of around 20 degrees C in around 2 decades. In the last 8-10,000 years, these pulsations have been milder, but solar instability, axis tilt, and current declines could precipitate their return. So could human tampering with the weather through energy beam technology and weaponry.
      A rise in temperature of only 3-4 degrees C. could trigger a rise in sea level of 20 meters within one decade! Further warming and ice melt creates a cycle where temperatures could spike 8-10 Degrees C. in 30 years. Then ocean currents would shift and new heat/cold patterns emerge. New shallow seas would decrease land mass; agricultural plains would be flooded, diminishing food-growing areas further. Roughly, 30-40 percent of the land would be lost and mankind would be displaced from inundated valleys on all continents. Trade, commerce, and industrial production would be flooded out. In 2003, the EPA predicted a rise of 3-9 degrees F. over the next hundred years. Tropical oceans have warmed 1.8-2.6 F. over the past 100 years, and glaciers are melting worldwide.

      Further perturbing, much less tearing holes in a super-heated ionosphere can create catastrophic weather changes. These can potentially be triggered by the military under the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) to destabilize whole areas with climatic manipulation, without the risks of conventional warfare. Deploying this weaponry for economic and strategic purposes could collapse ecological systems, and disrupt agricultural production dramatically. The Department of Defense has, of course, already implemented the development of intelligence and weather monitoring systems related to this program. NASA and DOD are working on multimedia imagery reports for massive ecological changes, using data relayed from satellites.

      Latest speculation has also tried to link appearance of mysterious chemtrails to the deployment of HAARP technology. Some think that the reflective qualities of these clouds influence atmospheric heating and weather patterns. Reported analyses of the "angel-hair" taken from the atmosphere after a day of spraying claim a variety of toxins. Viral bacteria, toxic molds, carbon black and E.D.B.M. (ethylene di-bromide: highly carcinogenic chemical additive for fuel banned about twenty years ago) have been identified. Speculation about these sprayed grids includes increasing reflectivity in certain layers of the atmosphere. These sprayings are also responsible for a massive decrease in the production of negative ions by the forests. This is eventually deadly for all biological life.

      Further, explanation of the serious and widespread drought conditions are directly related to the fact that the highly toxic and moisture absorbing (up to seven times it's own weight) Barium salt has also been detected in high quantities in the atmosphere right after a spraying event. These sprayings may therefore be linked to H.A.A.R.P and its "weather engineering" capabilities. ARCO Petroleum owns the patents on this Tesla technology. It appears that ARCO was directly funding "H.A.A.R.P." as reported a number of years ago. Many research groups have shown that we are being constantly showered with ELF's (Extremely Low Frequencies) as electronic �smog�. ELF's can be deadly to any biological life form as they alter the normal frequency of that life form causing serious illness, including irrational thought, inability to concentrate, chronic fatigue and/or death.


      MUCH more at OUR CLIMATE: DEAD OR ALIVE?: Schumann�s Resonances and Vision 2020 http://www.nwbotanicals.org/oak/newphysics/schuclimate.htm



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