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Tesla - cross post from JACK, : "FREQUENCY GENERATORS"?

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      I believe the following guy Jack, who posts this stuff is stupid and completely nuts, but he claims to want to find others who believes in Tesla to do some sort of research in Michigan:
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         REPLY I gave you the dynamics conducted your own investigation. There is not basically any proof Per Se in writing that you would believe that I know of.   . A clue find yourself someone that can detect low frequency's and take them around to churches and see if they can sense them. I do not know if there are meters that will detect low frequency's being generated.

         Low frequency's annoy people that can detect them such as HARPP Science does not understand to much about frequency's
      so that type of info from me about the concepts draws fire,  because I'm not one of them. If I was I would be still be shunned. AS a crack pot. You cannot  make them happy unless you agree with them and stroke there ego's

          Main stream is so  compartmentalized and  limited in their scope that they can discuss little beyond there
      narrow closed  perception. You can conduct tests with frequency's generators. By placing one in a room and adjusting them to see results.

         Women are the most prone to the frequency's variations  at certain  settings they will feel like something is
      crewing all over them and become irritated and leave the room to escape the annoyance. The sound emitting devices that were used to rid your house of bugs effected women adversely.

         The one DEV. that died was a carbon copy of Tesla and conducted many frequency's experiments because
      of Tesla's knowledge of frequency's. Women because of the sensitivity are more prone to natural earth and moon frequency variations. Hello there are two words from long ago that we still use Lunacy and lunatic. WHAT does that tell you.? Apparently they were created for a reason.  Science knows  basically zero.

         THose long ago were more attuned to there surroundings. Now we live in a air conditioned/ heated house
      and move around in a AC/heated auto. WE have lost that ability to relate to our surroundings.     

          Because of there combative reactions they force me to throw there ignorance in there face. Then they whine
      and cry like baby's when you take there sucker away and say  I'm abusing them. The Roman empire came down because of ignorance of the effects from lead water pipes. If we let the dynamic of ignorance happen our civilization will fall also.     

          Tesla  was branded as crazy because he scared people. You would to if you were 3500 years ahead of your
      time. AS he was. IF we were taught and encourage from day one to retain our multi dimensional perception abilities.  We had as small children when nothing was impossible to us,  that were programed out of 95% by age seven. Fuuristic evolutionary  minds would not scare us. Because we could relate to them. Until that is the norm we are NOT going to evolve in understanding as a civilization.     

         Generated frequency's  say cannot be heard but felt euphoric feelings can be created also. During The Korean war sound
      frequency's were some of the methods used to brain wash prisoners. The govt. has conducted study's but they are not going to tell the public because of the military applications.

         Every time I step beyond knowledge that is not in a book. I'm branded automatically by the in the box scientific skeptics as metal
      defective. Because I'm going beyond there understanding. They do not like that because they see knowledge exist they have no bases to understand.

             They are to ignorant to attempt to grasp. So they become combative which is a reaction that is totally

      counter productive and moronic.  There EDU. told them they knew all there was and they swallowed what was fed them. They are clones because they all react the same.

         The in the box ones only listen to one station. Which ever one they were programed to listen to? You change the
      station they are lost. The smaller the box they are in the more vocal they are in there responses. That I have studied so as to figure out there game.  The snake oil salesmen (jack carey 2003)          

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