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Re: [tesla] tesla car

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  • Reynolds
    I m sorry that this took me some time to reply to -- it seemed to me at first read that you in no way responded to what I said, but simply went on about your
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 17, 2003
      I'm sorry that this took me some time to reply to -- it seemed to me at first read that you in no way responded to what I said, but simply went on about your business -- I finally asked my lover of many years to check what you had written -- he agreed, and pointed out that you had attempted the appeal to authority.  Fine -- let me answer what you did write and redirect you to what I wrote to you previously.
      As for Thomas Beardon, I had to look up who he was -- I had never heard of him before.  I still know nothing about Eugene Mallove.  I did not rise to your bait, if you go back and read what I wrote -- but addressed your apparent ego-need for the conflict itself.  Why in the world do you care what I believe?  Why do you feel it necessary to come to a group I belong to because I have an interest and try to talk me (and/or other people) out of it?  Does my (our) interest harm anyone?  Do you think that there is a "truth" that must be followed?  Those were my concerns -- and the issues that I addressed in my original post to you.
      Since however you are determined to attempt to stream my frankly sarcastic posting to you personally into part of a discussion it was only tangentially connected to -- I will respond.
      Number one -- the appeal to authority is wasted. Appeals to authority (other than to verify points you yourself are making or to show breadth) are nearly always specious to begin with.  In any event, using an appeal to authority to an Academic not operating in his/her own field (more on that in a minute) is usually completely wasted.  This appeal to authority was.  I quite frankly don't care what one group of scientists think over another group.  Why you ask?
      1. Academics operate in herds.  As I verified before this is NOT my discipline.  As long as I am orthodox in my own field, I can believe anything I want in any other field without risk of adverse reaction.  I am carefully orthodox in my own field.  This is a field in which I have a personal interest only -- so I don't much care what the experts say or think - group or otherwise.  I do my own (piddling though it may be) research and select who I choose to associate with and what I choose to believe.  It is frankly none of anyone else's business. It is true that those who are "mainstream" usually agree with each other -- in my experience that in no way indicates that they are right -- it indicates that they - like herd animals - move together.  If you get out of line with your herd you are punished.  You will only survive if you have tenure (in fact, I was careful even outside my field until last October, when my continuing appointment came through), and your ability to get grants, to be published, and/or to be promoted will be severely damaged. Does this harm the ability of younger scientists to develop ANYTHING new?  Absolutely.
      2. The "mainstream" of anything has never been right in the long haul.  Einstein, Oppenheimer, even the Wright Brothers and for that matter the fathers of computing were fringe; easily as much as Tesla frankly.  "There is no progress without perversion" is the transliteration of a French saying -- it is none-the-less, true.
      3. Any appeal to authority can be countered by another appeal to authority-- which is what makes the whole process silly.
      Now then, I referred to Zero Point Energy -- Zero Point Energy is very much something accepted within the theoretical Physics community. Whether it can be tapped or not is another question, but "does it exist" seems to be rapidly receding to "what can we do with it," so I'm not sure how it relates to "free energy" but....
      ...the idea that you  (yes you, the one and the only) offer an opportunity (which obviously no one else can offer) for the Free energy community to "validate their claims" is the most overwhelmingly arrogant, self-aggrandizing claim I've ever heard.  It left me speechless the first time I read it, and I'm still not sure how to take it.
      All that said however, you displaced not one word of my last post -- nor did you address it.  You continue to appear to be exactly what I said you were, a lonely young man with desperate ego-need, attempting to engage in intellectual masturbation to give yourself a sense of worth.  Please, don't bother on my account -- I would much prefer you simply left me, and everyone else, alone.  It isn't your belief, it isn't your business, go away.
      Good day.

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      From: eric
      Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 22:41:54
      Subject: Re: [tesla] tesla car
      I know bearden is better educated than I - so is profession FE-promoter Eugene Mallove.  Mills is better educated and smarter than I. 
          I see some faint hope for ZPE - but certainly can't ever picture it being taped via magnets.  For Bearden to even have people in his classes with out saying - "by the way, to have any grasp of what I'm talking about, you would need to be well versed in calculus and advanced physics to start with".  Even if Bearden is on the money with his theory, he must know that his whole audience is only pretending to know what he is talking about.
      I openly admit that I do know have the advanced high end physics training to critique Bearden's theory - but people who do say Bearden's theory is nonsense from early on.  I post their writings at:
      If someone wrote a whole tome on the meaning of scores of hieroglyphics, neither of us would be able to know if that meant anything either.  So I simply choose to accept the opinions of established experts.  The mainstream science people generally agree with each other.  The fringe claimants are just as isolated from each other as the thousands of religious denominations.
      What I offer is a chance to validate the FE claims these people make.  And for 7 years running, they all skillfully evade offering any real proof.
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      From: Reynolds
      Sent: Sunday, February 09, 2003 11:12 AM
      Subject: Re: [tesla] tesla car

      So, since you aren't seeing enough action here -- you went elsewhere, afterall, how else could you get your intellectual fix???
      I understand your modus not at all -- you evidently have NOT been brainwashed by the laws of physics -- if you had you would be researching Zero-Point energy at this time -- not wasting effort arguing in the listservs against people who do you no harm, and might [even on an infintesimally small chance] do some good for the race of man.  Rather, I suspect that in some way you get a "high" out of arguing against people that you consider your intellectual inferiors -- and that's rather pathetic.
      In fact, Physicists of my acquaintance, including Dr. Angela Li-Sholz, my colleague -- do not consider Zero-Point energy to be impossible, or a waste.  It has been  generally thought that we  lack the technology to tap Zero-Point energy, but that thought is beginning to soften as well, at least in many halls of academe.
      I do not claim to understand this sea of energy in the empty spaces -- nor do I claim to understand the ideas of quantum mechanics in general -- but, as I have said to the list repeatedly, I'm not a Physicist, it isn't my discipline, this type of thing is only an interest. On the other hand, I'm not brainwashed by anything and I don't take any absolute (including quite frankly the 1st and 2nd laws of Thermodynamics) to be "truth."  Rather, they are human ideas that appear according to our present understanding to be correct.  On the third hand, it seems to me that engaging in negatives without providing an alternative is usually both a futile and infantile practice, but I am also not a Psychologist (though I am a certified Counselor - though I do not make my living in the field),so my opinion carries no more weight than the opinions of those who have, I am sure, said much ruder things to you.
      Just my thoughts on your transparent attempt to stir up a tempest, so that you can giggle and joy in it.
      Enough -- I am sure you can dazzle me with your knowledge of equations and all sorts of human reasoning, so go for it, knock yourself out -- I hope it gives you ego bliss, and a greater feeling of self-worth than you obviously have now.
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      From: eric
      Date: Saturday, February 08, 2003 21:41:38
      Subject: [tesla] tesla car
         the tesla list has been a little slow.  Most of my (skeptical) free energy related posts are to the yahoogroups free_energy email list
      I happen to think much of the end of Tesla's life was jumping from one never finished whacked out claim to another.  There are still a number of people trying to reproduce Tesla claims.  The tesla engine builders association hasn't really come up with much lately.  Jack Carey jcarey9622@...  (copied) would be happy to tell you how he has rediscovered tesla secrets in designs from the recently deceased Wayne Cochran.   He considers me brain washed by the prevailing laws of physics and soon to be unemployed when his devices hit the market.
      Ex convict con man, Dennis Lee has still not gone back to jail and has not done much of anything with the Tesla society that he took over.
      Some people have said that Thomas Bearden is the next Tesla - I have skeptical information on him and his claims at:
      The following is a site on tesla cars:
      The tilley car turned out to be a total fraud - more info and links from

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