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Tesla - supplies references

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  • Eric Krieg
    here s a little more best of the main Tesla list: ... Manufacturers of commercial high-voltage plastic film, pulse discharge, (Tesla) capacitance. Minimum
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 1999
      here's a little more best of the main Tesla list:


      > The Condenser Products Corp., 2131 Broad Street,
      > Brooksville, FL 34609 USA
      > Tel: 904-796-3561, Fax 904-799-0221
      Manufacturers of commercial high-voltage plastic film, pulse
      discharge, (Tesla) capacitance. Minimum order $150.00, minimum
      shipping time about 6 weeks. These are where my big commercial
      capacitors come from, as they will build them to your specs.

      > Solomon Corporation, P. O. Box 245, Solomon, KS 67480
      > Watts: (800) 243-2867 Tel (913) 655-2191 Fax (913) 655-2502
      Supplier of power distribution (pole pig) transformers.
      <tip from Scott Myers>

      > T & R Electric, P. O. Box 180, Colman, SD 57017
      > Watts (800) 843-7994 <tip from Scott Myers>
      Supplier of power distribution (pole pig) transformers.

      > H&H Transformer Inc. (303) 289-2802
      Denver area pole pigs, tip by Chip Atkinson

      > NWL CAPACITORS, 1 Industrial Dr., Snow Hill, NC 28580
      > Tel: 908-842-5757 Fax: 908-842-1161
      or as it was given to me by Richard Hull...
      > NWL CAPACITORS, 8050 Monetary Dr., Riviera Beach, FL., 33404
      > Tel: 407-848-9009
      Custom manufactured high voltage pulse discharge Tesla caps...

      > NWL Transformers, Dept. G, Rising Sun Rd., Bordentown, NJ 08505
      Source for neon sign transformers.

      > Sprague Electronics, 134 Fulton Ave. Garden City Park, NY 11040
      Source of high voltage capacitors.

      TS> Plastic Capacitors, 2623 N. Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 99120
      TS> Tel: 312-489-2229.
      High-Voltage, pulse discharge, plastic film (Tesla) Capacitance

      TS> Cornell-Dubilier, 1605 E. Rodney French Blvd., New Bedford,
      TS> MA 02744, Tel: 508-996-8564 They bought out Sangamo

      > Danny Churchill at Commercial Radio Co. in VT, 802-226-7582,
      sometimes has some interesting stuff around. I bet you'd
      find him interesting even if he didn't have whatever model
      you currently need. Among other things, he manufactures
      custom high-voltage inductors and transformers, in an old 3
      story brick schoolhouse converted to a factory/warehouse. (T.S.)

      > Hipotronics, Inc., RTE.22, Brewster, New York, 10590 (or 10509)
      > TEL: 914-279-8091
      Manufacturers of high-voltage test equipment. Capacitors,
      transformers, bussing, toroids, etc. are available. These are
      the guys who make the test gear that power utilities use to
      destroy their xmission equipment to determine breakdown limits.

      > CSI Capacitors, 810 Rancheros Dr. San Marcos, CA, 96069
      > TEL: 619-747-4000
      Another source of custom made, commercial plastic film, high-
      voltage, pulse discharging, (Tesla type) capacitance. Ask about
      left over units from production runs, sometimes you will find a
      bargin in a top quality cap.

      > Nick Andree, Hi-Way Company, Surplus Electronics, 305 Wisconsin
      > Ave. Oceanside, CA 92054 Tel: 619/967-7225
      Surplus Sprague HVDC rated capacitors, excellent bypass caps

      > George Trinkaus, High Voltage Press, 4326 S.E. Woodstock, #489,
      > Portland OR 97206 USA Tel: 503-775-3209
      Carries some surplus HVDC rated Sprague doorknob caps.

      > Maxwell Labs, Inc., 8888-G Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA, 92123
      > TEL: 619-279-5100
      Manufacturer of commercial high-voltage equipment, capacitors,
      power supplies, etc..

      > Vacuum Tube Industries, Inc., 506 North Warren Avenue,
      > P.O. Box 2009, Brockton, MA. 02405 USA
      > tel: 508-584-4500, tel: 800-528-5014, fax: 508-584-0096
      Specialize in new and rebuilt 450 KC power tubes for commercial
      RF induction heaters and the supply & control xfrmrs, cooling
      loops, etc.. These are the type tubes I would use for a CW coil.

      > Antique Electronic Supply, 6221 S. Maple Ave, P.O. Box 27468,
      > Tempe, AZ, 85285 TEL: 602-820-5411
      Source for the tube coil builder, many old/rare vacuum tubes and
      related equipment (sockets, mica caps, power supplies, etc.) for
      projects like "Lil Tesla Coil" of the 1960's Pop Electronics era.

      > Weisner Electronics, 149 Hunter Ave, Albany, NY, 12206
      > TEL: 518-438-2801
      Another source for the tube coiler. Plate xfmrs, mica caps,
      tubes, assembled Tesla coils, etc..

      > Edmund Scientific Company, 101 East Gloucester Pike
      > Barrington NJ 08007-1380 Phone: 1-609-547-8880
      > Fax: 1-609-573-6295

      > Fair Radio Sales, P.O. Box 1105, Lima, OH 45802
      > Tel: 419-223-2196, 419-227-6573, FAX 419-227-1313
      "One of the best sources for electronic surplus." H.Goldman

      Tel: 1-800-826-5435 <tip by George Trinkaus>

      > GAR-RON Plastics Corp., 5424 Pulaski Hwy., Baltimore, MD 21205
      > Tel: (800)492-4695 (they have a catalog)
      Specialty plastics dealer, good source for coil forms.

      > The Coax Connection: Joe Cassata, 10 S. Meadow lane
      > Naperville, Ill. 60564, Phone# (708)-420-0342
      Here is a good source for coax cable AND magnet wire, He carries
      in stock sizes from #22 gauge to #10 gauge, and can order other
      sizes. He sells by the pound and his prices are decent. Good
      quality stuff! <tip from Mark Graalman>

      > MWS Wire Industries, 31200 Cedar Valley Dr., Westlake Village,
      > CA 91362 USA PH: (818) 991-8553 FAX (818) 706-0911
      Source of square and rectangular wire for custom inductors.

      > American Welding & Fabrication, 333 E. Highbanks Rd #25
      > Debary FL 32713 USA
      Supplier of spun aluminum toroid and sphere discharge terminals.

      > Ross Engineering Corp., 540 Westchester Dr. Campbell, CA 95008
      Supplier of discharge terminals

      > Tungsten face on steel slug spark gap electrodes
      The Miller (welding supplies/parts) part numbers are:
      095 621 base $3.50 porcelain, each one holds 2 gaps
      020 622 point holder $8.52 Al, 4/base, cooling fins all around
      020 603 HF point $3.25 steel slug w/ tungsten face, 4/base
      Prices are for each piece. This also comes as an assembly.

      > Marlin P. Jones & Assoc. Inc., P.O.BOX 12685, Lake Park, FL
      > 33403 USA Fax 1-800-4329-9937, Fax 407-844-8764,
      Tel: 407-848-8236; Sources for surplus: ferrite toroid cores for
      HV RF chokes, Current transformers for panel ammeters, EMI line
      filters, meters, power control relays/contactors, fans, etc..

      Tel: 408-257-8614 Fax: 408-253-6228
      Inductors; Current Transformers; Ferrite & Iron Powder Toroids,
      rods, & "boxes" for RF chokes; relays; circuit breakers, etc..

      > Another good catalog: C & H Sales Co., 2179 E COLORADO BLVD
      > PO BOX 5356, PASADENA CA 91117-9988 USA Fax: 818-796-4875
      Tel: 800-325-9465 Tel: 213-681-4925, Tel: 818-796-2628
      Filters, meters, fans, relay-contactors, switches, HV & LV
      capacitors, LV transformers, variacs, etc.

      > Tel: 216-441-8500 Tel: 216-441-5577 Tel: 800-642-1123
      Known locally as "Electronic Surplus", they are an excellent
      source of typical Tesla coiling fare: current xfmrs/meters,
      variacs, HV wire, relays/contactors, RF filters & choke cores...
      <tip by Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.>

      > Yet another good catalog: Surplus Center, 1015 WEST O ST
      > P.O.BOX 82209, Lincoln NE 68501-2209 USA
      > Fax: 402-474-5198, Tel: 402-474-4055, Order: 800-488-3407
      Surplus equipment supplier useful on large coil projects.
      Lots of aircraft parts: high-performance DC motors for rotary
      spark gaps, hydraulic double action cylinders and power paks
      for remote control tuning, spark gap cooling loops, etc..

      > Electrical Insulation Supplies,Inc., 1255 Collier Road, N.W.
      > Atlanta, GA 30318 Voice 1-404-355-1651 Fax 1-404-355-6069
      A good source of equipment and supplies for Tesla coil builder.
      Ask for their full line catalog. <Tip from Bob Mazzullo, NYC>

      > Edward Wingate, "Wingate Electric", 545 Salmon Creek Rd.
      > Brockport, NY 14420 USA
      I list this address for completeness. CAVEAT EMPTOR! Mr. Wingate
      is mailing flyers advertising rotary spark gaps.

      > Richard T. Quick II, 10028 Manchester Rd., Suite 253, Glendale,
      > Missouri, 63122, USA
      I have a two hour video tape that documents my 10" diameter
      secondary coil and 10 KVA power supply in operation. It covers a
      wide area of related high voltage experiments and techniques.
      (Jacob's Ladder, RF choking, spark gaps, critical coupling, etc.)
      Due to the dangerous nature of this work I cannot be responsible
      for the safety of life, limb, or property should anyone choose
      to, or attempt to, reproduce any of the equipment or experiments
      featured on the video. To obtain a copy: send a blank, high
      quality, VHS video tape; a first class postage pre-paid, self
      addressed mailer; and $10.00 US. I will happily trade tapes.

      This text file gets regular updates, as I both see and receive,
      many requests for information on this subject. YOUR references
      or reviews would be welcomed additions to this file. While I
      always try to be as accurate as possible, there are no assur-
      ances that ANY of the information posted here is error free, or,
      that there is no risk in acting on this information.

      Revelant text files from Tesla coil theory and operation
      discussions, GIF file spark gap diagrams, graphical coil
      instructions (all w/text instructions & parts lists), GIF wiring
      diagrams and circuit schematics (with text instructions and
      explanations), scanned T-Coil photos, as well as Tesla Coil
      shareware calculator programs and other public domain programs
      and material are available on the internet and on various BBSs
      for free. See the internet references tagged with an * above.
      This information/software is also mailed out at no charge to
      anyone who sends me a self addressed postage pre-paid mailer and
      five or more blank formatted IBM DOS 1.44 mbt floppy disks.

      Richard Quick

      ... If all else fails... Throw another megavolt across it!
      ___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12

      Eric Krieg

      eric@... fax (215) 654-0651
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