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Tesla cross post - coil energy radiation

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  • eric
    Dear members of the hibernating Tesla email list. the following looks pretty kooky to me, but it does mention Tesla: Dear Colleague, We would like to bring
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2002
      Dear members of the hibernating Tesla email list.   the following looks pretty kooky to me, but it does mention Tesla:
      Dear Colleague,

      We would like to bring to your attention the following two monographs,
      newly released by AKRONOS Publishing on its website,

       Monograph AS2-13:
       Correa, P & Correa, A (1998, 2001)
       (Re-)examination of the energy radiation output by Tesla coils, Part 1:
       Experimental determination of its dual nature

       Monograph AS2-14:
       Correa, P & Correa, A (1999, 2001)
       Aetherometric treatment of the energy radiation output by Tesla coils, Part 2:
       Massfree and massbound nonelectromagnetic functions
       and resultant characteristic electromagnetic frequency of the coil 

      Detailed abstracts, together with ordering information, are available at

      http://www.aetherometry.com/abs-AS2v2A.html#abstractAS2-13  and

      A short summary follows below.

      Tesla coils have now, for over a century, been objects of great wonder and
      also mystery.  Tesla himself employed their principle in his famous patent
      for wireless power transmission.  Yet, despite attempts by a few dedicated
      experimenters (R. Hull, the Corums) who have proposed new theoretical
      approaches to the operation of these devices, the coil has remained
      essentially miscomprehended, precisely because it superimposes two distinct
      oscillatory electric fields, one associated with massbound charge and the
      other with massfree charge.  Moreover, the coil outputs neither
      electromagnetic radiation, nor an ion field.  The basic demonstration of
      these stunning facts is carried out in these monographs, where aetherometric
      experimental and theoretical tools are employed to differentiate, on the
      basis of fundamental physical effects, the ambipolar massfree radiation
      of Tesla waves from the radiative effects of photons - whether ionizing,
      HFOT or LFOT photons - as well as from the monopolar electric field effects
      of ion fluxes or electrostatic charges. 

      These reports establish, from basic scientific facts, the existence of a
      longitudinal, massfree, electric ambipolar form of energy radiation which
      is emitted from these coils, and provide the fundamental tools for
      aetherometric analysis of their operation.  This leads the authors to a
      demonstration of the correct physical meaning of such basic functions as
      inductance and the characteristic frequency of the coil, laying the
      foundations for what will become the complete aetherometric analysis of
      Tesla coils carried out in companion papers AS-15 and AS2-16. The fundamental
      magnetic and electric frequency functions of the massfree and massbound
      currents are identified.  And an exact aetherometric proof that the electric
      wavespeed of the ambipolar radiation known as Tesla waves is not bound by c
      and typically exceeds it, is provided.

      These two essays - AS2-13 and AS2-14 - are precisely what is needed before
      one can understand longitudinal, ambipolar, massfree radiation as something
      distinct from electromagnetism or photon energy. 


      Laura McFinlay
      Akronos Publishing

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