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RE: [tesla] tesla cross post

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  • David Thomson
    the following is pretty kooky. I m no expert on Tesla, but I wasn t aware that he didn t accept the limit of C. Check out this link that appeared on Elf-Rad
    Message 1 of 3 , May 8, 2001
      the following is pretty kooky. I'm no expert on Tesla, but I wasn't aware
      he didn't accept the limit of C.

      Check out this link that appeared on Elf-Rad just yesterday...

      It's about an invention just last year that can supposedly broadcast RF
      signals at faster than light speed.

      BTW, Einstein also accepted that there is a faster-than-light speed, whether
      he admitted it or not. He stated that energy is equal to mass times the
      square of the speed of light. The values for energy and mass are thus
      related by the acceleration of light at the rate of 186,000 miles per second
      per second. If there could truly NOT be a faster than 186,000 miles per
      second, then how could energy be related to mass times the acceleration of

      Tesla believed that there is an ether and that the ether was continually
      expanding at a very rapid rate. Ether is not light, it is the media in
      which light propogates. My view is that the universe would have to be
      continually expanding in order to continually pump energy into the universe
      to keep it vibrating. If electrons are both waves and particles and have
      mass, then their oscillations would be damped if there were no constant
      power source and the universe would simply evaporate into nothing. Yet
      electrons have continuous oscillations and remain near absolutely constant,
      so far, over 15 billion years. Electrons must be getting their constant
      power source from somewhere and the ether is the best candidate.

      Keep in mind, "continually expanding" of the ether does not mean time or
      space are necessarily expanding. I'm referring specifically to the ether,
      the media of what time, space and light are observed in. If the ether is
      expanding at a constant acceleration, all elements of time, space and light
      will appear to be relatively constant. The fact that the physical universe
      (time and space) is also expanding is due to the observed effects of mass
      and energy.

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