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  • eric krieg
    People, the free energy email list which you can join from www.onelist.com/subscribe/free_energy has had the following tesla related posts: Hi all: You can
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2000

      the free energy email list which you can join from
      has had the following tesla related posts:

      Hi all:

      You can find the book "My Inventions : The Autobiography of Nikola
      Tesla. " in AMAZON.COM using this link:



      Tesla's autobiography, with a 16 page introduction that traces Tesla's
      career through a maze of sensationalism and controversy.
      The amazing engineer who: Invented the Niagra power system, that made
      Edison's obsolete Sold Westinghouse 40 patents, that broke a General
      Electric monopoly.
      Discovered the radio methods that Marconi converted into a fortune
      Built a radio guided torpedo before Ford ended the horse-and-buggy era
      Tried, with J.P. Morgan's backing, to change the earths electric charge!
      Joined giants Ampere, Watt, and Volta in history's most select circle
      when the world scientists named a new unit of magnetism and Tesla.

      More Tecnnology Than Autobiography with far more information on his
      inventions The style is rather dry, but the technical ideas are
      informative for anyone interested in the history of technology.

      More books related wiht Tesla in:


      http://www.tinet.org/~sje/index_en.htm (English)
      http://www.tinet.org/~sje/index_sp.htm (Spanish)

      > "Autymn D. C." wrote:


      Re: [free_energy] Tesla and the road to insanity
      Thu, 14 Sep 2000 18:24:19 +0200
      Milan Manchich <aem-yu@...>
      AEM elektronika

      Bravo ,
      I'm on your side friend.
      I have started electrolysis by 10 meters distance with high frenquency and with
      "my coils". My coils are the modern version of Tesla's coils.
      I have studied frequencies and Tesla's work with single wire transmition and
      transmition and I have research project now, which I call "FRENQUENCIOLYSIS".
      Success with electrolysis by distance was just step for better undersanding
      process and properties of travelling EM waves. I don't use this now.
      It is splitting water with frenquency as medium, not as power.
      Until now I have noticed that :
      -Voltage is more important than current
      -Destilated water is better than electrolyte
      - Voltage on the cell's terminals rise during proces and current drop
      - With new portion of water voltage drop and current rise
      - Resonant frequency could be very high over 1 MHz for example if I made this
      a single wire input . If I work with ordinary two wires way input than resonant
      frequency is from 30 kHz to 700 kHz depend on how I made the coils.
      The coils and an plug between coils and cell is my inovation.
      It is COLD splitting water way.
      It is not overunity and it is not my goal. But it could be splitting water with
      needed watts than ordinary electrolysis.
      As you can see this process is not similar with electrolysis and this is reason
      I gave different name.
      If somebody is interested to join me in this project please contact me.
      I'm only interested for partner ship or for an investitor. I'm not interested in
      informations and I will not answer those e-mails.


      jupiter1945@... wrote:

      > What does history teach about Tesla, Not much?
      > I would suggest to anyone interested in a better understanding of the
      > situation, put yourself in only three of the many critical points in the life
      > of Tesla.
      > 1: First get yourself screwed out of $50,000 by someone like Edison and dig
      > ditches for a living
      > 2: Invent something of such tremendous global importance that it is stolen
      > (Radio)
      > 3: Build the safest power distribution system this world will ever know, and
      > have the funding cut, the system dismantled and be ridiculed by the press.
      > .....and then tell me how you are going to act.
      > Then have it happen a dozen more times......
      > It did Tesla no good to win the lawsuit over his wireless patents, just look
      > in any text book -- you will still find the LOSERS name as the inventor of
      > radio and "lucky" to find the name of Tesla "at all".
      > << It may seem picky but one can easily argue whether Tesla had latent
      > insanity, or if his delusions
      > (I'd like to see what they actually were) were brought upon by severe
      > stress by events and his unbending intent
      > at his work, as well as his numerous, probably dangerous experiments.
      > He did project x-rays into his head
      > numerous times, thinking it had health benefits. Its a wonder nothing
      > more severe happened to him.
      > MO>
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