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  • Eric Krieg
    The following is posted with permission: From: teslakid@home.com To: eric@voicenet.com Hi Eric I am introducing myself to you, in that I just discovered your
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2000
      The following is posted with permission:

      From: teslakid@...
      To: eric@...

      Hi Eric

      I am introducing myself to you, in that I just discovered your
      terrific articles about Dennis Lee and Joe Newman on your

      I was in (broadcast) engineering myself for the first ten-fifteen
      years of my career, before changing careers to teaching
      electronics theory classes at both technical and community
      colleges. These classes run the gamut from AC/DC theory to
      digital telecommunications and RF/Video communications.

      Most importantly, my having a strong interest in the sociological
      aspects of technology, has resulted in completion of a masters
      degree from A.S.U. in humanities, with a thesis that explores the
      sociological trajectories of the legacy of Nikola Tesla. I qualified
      seven trajectories of Tesla's legacy. Such has had significant
      effects on the late twentieth century American cultural dynamics.
      Through cultural media studies, I examined how a number of
      marginalized discourses have been energized through
      cross-media discourses, and have affected the belief systems of
      mainstream American culture, public policy, and Hollywood.

      My discovery of these aspects of Tesla's legacy are categorized

      Tesla's prolific translations of Serbian poetry, and his own
      poetry, energized Yugoslavian nationalism, hero worship, and
      the propaganda misuse by Tito's communist party.

      These are the inventions of Tesla that made it successfully in the
      marketplace. The north-american power grid, polyphase motors,
      induction motors, etc., are major examples of such.

      These features include any number of experimenters and
      innovators that seek to source their works to the authority of
      Tesla's technological speculations. These include such as
      Scalar Electromagnetics as interstellar drives or force shields;
      Lakhovsky multiwaves; Searl Stardrives; Zero-Point energy;
      "Free" Wireless Power Transmission; Wardenclyffe; "SECRET"
      Russian "Tesla technologies; "The Philadelphia Experiment;"
      and the
      "The Montaulk Project;" For the most part, most of these
      experimenters are simply erred on the laws of physics. Others
      are clearly exploiting a gullible public for purposes of scam,
      fraud or self-promotion.

      UFO Phenomena:
      Closely related to Pseudo-Sciences, it does have it's own identity
      and self-direction, however. Such includes Scalar
      Communications and contact with Martians or "ET".; so-called
      Tesla Coil-based "plasma" drives for UFOs; ball lightning;
      Anti-Gravity engines; Zero-Point Fluctuations (David Bohm);
      UFO contactee societies - E.G., "Order of Melchizedek" groups
      UFO'S using "TESLA" drives; Hatoon, Uranius (and other UFO

      Tesla's imaginative speculations and misappropriated
      attributions to Tesla have yielded Tesla as a (secular) Shaman;
      Tesla as an Avatar; Urantia Society; Michael X; Ruth Norman
      ("TESLA SPEAKS" - in over eight volumes,Ruth "channels"
      Tesla's departed spirit); PSI research; Tesla as Venusian
      Messiah; Geomancers; Ley Lines; Earth vortices (e.g., Sedona,

      Eastern Mysticisms:
      Tesla's adherence to ancient Vedic Sanskrit writings, and also to
      Theosophy has been a source to the following discourses, at
      least in some referential aspects: Fritjof Capra "The Tao of
      Physics"; Bell's Theorem; EPR experiments; Bio-Field monism
      theories; Orgone Energy; David Bohm and the Implicate Order;
      Marian Apparitions, especially in Yugoslavia.

      Pagan Feminists:
      Tesla as shaman; Tesla as Brujo; Duka Tesla as Goddess;
      Examples to be found in the Reformed Order of the Golden
      Dawn; Wiccan discourses. Tesla's inadvertant contribution to
      post-modern gender feminism.

      I do public speaking both in person, and on radio/TV to address
      some of these aspects of Tesla's legacy. I am at present,
      developing a manuscript, tentatively titled: The Enigma of Nikola
      Tesla--The substance of an unsettled legacy. It is a work based
      on my own research, interviews, and is to a great extent, similar
      to the works of Jacques Vallee, the critic of the UFO culture.

      I hope you find some interest in my researches. I note that we
      have some overlapping efforts already.

      Thank you for time,

      Thomas Kelley
      BTW: I used to demo a 3-5KW class Tesla Coil to high school
      science classes, as such, that's when I got the nickname, "Tesla
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