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Little TESLA Guru needs your Help !

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  • McNikol
    Hello Sparky s also Geeks, Teckys & Trekkie s I am Alan, Irish and also known as the `ACE from OuterSpace .... I create things,.. music,.. Tribute Art,..and
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 21, 2010
      Hello Sparky's also Geeks, Teckys & Trekkie's
      I am Alan, Irish and also known as the `ACE from OuterSpace'
      .... I create things,.. music,.. Tribute Art,..and inventions
      I am new to this group, I am looking for the copies of TESLA's
      note book that the xBxLxUxExBxOxXxxUSxGOVxxSTOLExxxxxxxxx
      I was a Tecky before there were GEEKS and Trekkies' .. I am talking
      about Vacuum TUBES with Transconductance,...Before GUI's and Windows
      Back when Stereo's had a MultiPath Bulb , not an LED ...
      I was a SuperTech in the SiliconValley California for 25 years....
      I learned from my Irish Grandfather to Silver Solder when I was age TEN
      Thats back when Solder Flux came in a tin Tin-Can with a tiny paint can Lid,... Before I tell You what Black Box and Blue Box Equipment that I worked on, I will only say that I proto-typed all of the Hi-Teck Medical Laser stuff,.. lots of Robotic and Servo's... High Energy Devices and Telecommunications Equipment that is now the Internet.
      I now am developing 10 inventions in the TESLA genre,... So mostly this is a plea for Help,.. and this is an invitation for You meet a Funny, Curious
      and Motivated Little Man... I am your `Can Do' Man,.. Your Humble ACE
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