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      <link media=3D"all" type=3D"text/css" href=3D"/webmail/static/deg/css/wysiw=
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      <pre>Having trouble viewing this email?<br>Click here<br><a href=3D"http://=
      EychC8uM4oOu_kQ4xVDh2" target=3D"_blank">http://campaign.constantcontact.co=
      r><br><br>IRI Banner<br>[<a href=3D"http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=3D110293133968=
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      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br><br>FUTURE ENERGY eNEWS<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~=
      >January 2010<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br><br>Dear Subscriber,<br><br>Launching our IRI Mem=
      bership drive this month, we celebrate the<br>opportunities that Future En=
      ergy offers the world. The IRI vision for the New Year<br>is in alignment w=
      ith other organizations who believe 2010will be the year for a <br>carbonle=
      ss energy breakthrough. I'm happy to report, though bound by NDAs, that <br=
      >indeed more than one energy and even propulsion breakthrough has already h=
      appened.<br>The inventors are just working the politics and testing labs an=
      d IRI Members will<br>be the first to learn the results, so please join tod=
      ay.<br>We have a great FE eNews this month, including an amazing story abou=
      t the great <br>energy pioneer, Nikola Tesla from The Wall Street Journal t=
      hat says "Tesla In, Edison<br>Out". To prove this, Infinite Energy Magazin=
      e <br>[<a href=3D"http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=3D1102931339683&s=3D719&=
      FOq_tiNxdT5HNZ2Q2Yu8Q4mWKDhALQjt6zRtIwaNi4wxi_Z53tbPKgeyA9_h" target=3D"_bl=
      Z2Q2Yu8Q4mWKDhALQjt6zRtIwaNi4wxi_Z53tbPKgeyA9_h</a>]has<br>devoted their en=
      tire 89th issue to Tesla and Fox News also reports that Tesla has<br>been a=
      lways hip among techie inventors including Google' co-founder Larry Page <=
      br>and microchip designers at Nvidia Corp. Now, Nikola Tesla is going mains=
      tream. There<br>is even the all electric speedy "Tesla Roadster<br>[<a href=
      N53hpBD9fhn8LAd0CwpgYWK_VIVDiqnrQhLQ=3D=3D" target=3D"_blank">http://rs6.ne=
      wpgYWK_VIVDiqnrQhLQ=3D=3D</a>]"<br>car. Let's hope that WiTricity<br>[<a h=
      sR30mZK27rs8BJpOB9VFrVf1Admw=3D" target=3D"_blank">http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=
      </a>]<br>will wake up to the health risks from chronic 24-hour exposure to =
      high-gauss powerline<br>magnetic fields and instead, learn about the real T=
      esla wireless technology. Also<br> in this FE news: The review of the year =
      in energy, turning bacteria and heat into<br>energy, and the state of recha=
      rgeable batteries R&D.<br>Sincerely,<br>Thomas Valone<br><br>IN THIS IS=
      SUE<br><br>1) Nikola Tesla is Electrifying!<br>2) The Year in Energy<br>3) =
      Engineering bacteria to convert carbon into Fuel<br>4) Turning heat into El=
      ectricity<br>5) State of rechargeable batteries & Federal R&D<br><b=
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br>[<a href=3D"http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=
      eRLqzaWwQw0SlBG_iC7i141R-2QntULWfOXpxVywVC90P7GM4wf9KN92nGJ5k=3D" target=3D=
      90P7GM4wf9KN92nGJ5k=3D</a>]<br><br>bookmark and share<br>[<a href=3D"http:/=
      GJ5k=3D" target=3D"_blank">http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=3D1102931339683&s=
      >1) Nikola Tesla is Electrifying<br><br>By Daniel Michaels, Wall Street Jou=
      rnal, January 14, 2010<br><a href=3D"http://online.wsj.com/article/SB100014=
      24052748704362004575000841720318942.html#printMode" target=3D"_blank">http:=
      rintMode</a><br>[<a href=3D"http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=3D1102931339683&s=
      r>His Name Is Branding Magic; Thomas Edison Is 'So 20th Century'TESLA<br>[<=
      a href=3D"http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=3D1102931339683&s=3D719&e=3D001R=
      =3D=3D" target=3D"_blank">http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=3D1102931339683&s=3D=
      ALzl5ysrAtRWJQQ=3D=3D</a>].<br>Decades after he died penniless, Nikola Tesl=
      a is elbowing aside his old adversary<br>Thomas Edison in the pantheon of g=
      eek gods.<br>When California engineers wanted to brand their new $100,000 e=
      lectric sports car,<br>one name stood out: Tesla. When circuit designers at=
      microchip producer Nvidia Corp.<br>in 2007 launched a new line of advanced=
      processors, they called them Tesla. And <br>when videogame writers at Capc=
      om Entertainment in Silicon Valley needed a character<br>who could understa=
      nd alien spaceships for their new Dark Void saga, they found him<br>in Niko=
      la Tesla.<br>Tesla was a scientist and inventor who achieved fame and fortu=
      ne in the1880s for<br> figuring out how to make alternating current work on=
      a grand scale, electrifying<br>the world. He created the first major hydro=
      electric dam, at Niagara Falls. He thrilled<br>packed theaters with present=
      ations in which he ran high voltage through his body<br> to illuminate a fl=
      uorescent light in his hand. His inventions helped Guglielmo <br>Marconi de=
      velop radio.And his rivalry with Edison-called the Battle of the Currents<b=
      r>because Edison had bet on direct current-was legendary. Tesla won the con=
      test, when<br>his AC equipment powered an<br><br>unprecedented display of e=
      lectric light at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.<br>Tesla lighting a bulb wi=
      th his wireless electricity<br>Fifty years later, the 86-year-old Serbian e=
      migr=C3=A9 died in obscurity at a New York<br>hotel, unmarried, childless a=
      nd bereft of friends. Meanwhile, Edison was lionized<br>for generations as =
      one of America's greatest inventors.<br>But Tesla has been rediscovered by =
      technophiles, including Google Inc. co-founder<br>Larry Page, who frequentl=
      y cites him as an early inspiration. And Teslamania is <br>going increasing=
      ly mainstream.<br>An early hint was "Tesla Girls," a 1984 single from the B=
      ritish technopop band<br>Orchestral<br>Manoeuvres in the Dark. Performance =
      artist Laurie Anderson has said she was fascinated<br>by Tesla. David Bowie=
      played a fictionalized version of him in the 2006 film "The<br>Prestige," =
      alongside Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. Director Terry Gilliam described=
      <br>Tesla in a recent documentary film as "more of an artist than a scienti=
      st in some<br>strange way."<br>Tesla, in short, is cool.<br>"He was a kind =
      of crazy, interesting dude," says Melody Pfeiffer, spokeswoman for<br>the D=
      ark Void game's distributor, Capcom Entertainment.<br>Edison, meanwhile, is=
      less au courant than he used to be, says Paul Israel,director<br>of the Th=
      omas Edison Papers, a scholarly project at RutgersUniversity, in Piscataway=
      ,<br>N.J. Many significant Edison inventions-including the phonograph and t=
      he motion-picture<br>camera-are becoming historical curios. The European Un=
      ion has banned old-fashioned<br>incandescent light bulbs, another Edison in=
      novation.The EU is urging consumers to<br>replace them with more-efficient =
      fluorescentlights descended from those Tesla favored.<br>"Edison is so 20th=
      century, much like Henry Ford," says Bernie Carlson, a professor<br>of Sci=
      ence, Technology and Society at the University of Virginia. Once, Edison wa=
      s<br>revered as the Wizard of Menlo Park, after the New Jersey town-since r=
      enamed<br>Edison-where<br>he built a laboratory and movie studio. But Ediso=
      n biographies have started focusing<br>on his role in establishing monopoli=
      es in the electricity and movie industries.<br>Recent portrayals of Edison =
      have highlighted his darker side. In the 1998 HBO<br>miniseries<br>"From th=
      e Earth to the Moon," Tom Hanks plays a French filmmaker who was financiall=
      y<br>ruined when Edison secretly copied and then released his 1902 epic, "A=
      Trip to the<br>Moon," without paying its creator.<br>The Tesla-Edison riva=
      lry was intense partly because the highly educated young engineer<br>sailed=
      to America in 1884 to work for Edison. But after less than a year in Ediso=
      n's<br>labs, Tesla quit in a spat over pay. Tesla-boosters note that in Edi=
      son's effort<br> to discredit alternating current a decade later, his staff=
      deliberately electrocuted<br>a murderous circus elephant and profited from=
      a popular film of the killing. To <br>sully Tesla's ideas, Edison's men al=
      so helped orchestrate the first execution by<br> electric chair.<br>"I can'=
      t imagine writing a song about Edison...too boringly rich, entrepreneurial<=
      br>and successful!" said Andy McCluskey, a founder of Orchestral Manoeuvres=
      in the <br>Dark, in an email. He calls Tesla "a romantic 'failure' figure.=
      "<br>In 1895-after selling his AC patents to industrialist George Westingho=
      usefor a mint<br>and harnessing Niagara Falls-Tesla hobnobbed with Mark Twa=
      in,J.P. Morgan and French<br>actress Sarah Bernhardt. But troubles soon beg=
      an. Tesla's laboratory in New York<br>was destroyed by fire, along with ye=
      ars of work and notes. The secretive experimenter<br>then burned through m=
      uch of his fortune testing radio transmissions in Colorado <br>Springs, Col=
      o. In 1898, he demonstrated a pair of small radio-controlled boats-decades<=
      br>before guided torpedoes-but was rebuffed by the U.S. military. When Marc=
      oni changed<br>the world with a trans-Atlantic radio transmission in 1901, =
      Tesla wasn't mentioned.<br>Inventor Nikola Tesla achieved fame and fortune=
      in the 1880s for figuring out how<br>to make alternating current on a huge=
      scale. A contemporary of Edison, Tesla died<br>in obscurity but is now bei=
      ng rediscovered and hailed by technophiles, such as Google<br>co-founder La=
      rry Page. Undaunted, the scientist continued to be far ahead of his<br> tim=
      e. His papers suggest he stumbled upon-but didn't pursue-lasers and X-rays,=
      <br>years before their recognized discoveries. He proposed transmitting el=
      ectricity <br>through the upper atmosphere. He sketched out robots and a de=
      ath ray he hoped would<br>end all wars.<br>"There's a sort of science-ficti=
      on aspect to Tesla," says Prof. Israel at Rutgers.<br>For marketers at chip=
      makers Nvidia, who were targeting the techno-cognoscenti with<br>a new pro=
      duct line, that aura is priceless. "A mythology has built up around Tesla<b=
      r>that catches people's imagination,"says Andy Keane, general manager of Te=
      sla Products<br>at Nvidia. Tesla's more outlandish pronouncements stoked th=
      at mythology. He said<br> he could use electricity to cause earthquakes and=
      control weather. He claimed to<br>have detected signals from Mars while he=
      was in Colorado.<br>Unlike Edison, who died in 1931 with 1,093 patents to =
      his name, Tesla left few<br>completed<br>blueprints. The shortcoming underc=
      ut his legacy but added to the air of mystery <br>surrounding him. "Tesla's=
      work is incomplete, so people can read into it what they<br>want to," says=
      Prof. Carlson at the University of Virginia. Christopher Priest did<br>jus=
      t that in writing "The Prestige," his novel and then movie about rival magi=
      cians<br>in Victorian London. In it, one of the magicians visits Tesla in C=
      olorado and pays<br>him to create a machine unlike anything the real Tesla =
      ever mentioned. "I wanted<br> an ambiguous, mysterious genius," says Mr. Pr=
      iest. "Tesla was the man for the job."<br>Creators of the Dark Void videoga=
      me needed a mentor for their hero, Will, who falls<br>from our world into a=
      parallel realm ruled by sinister aliens benton annihilating<br>humans. "We=
      quickly decided that tapping into the conspiracies and geek mystique<br> b=
      uilt up around Nikola Tesla would be awesome," says senior producer Morgan =
      Gray.<br>"What is cooler than having Tesla reverse-engineer alien technolog=
      y to build weapons<br>of super science?"<br>At Tesla Motors, the branding i=
      sn't simply an effort to ride the name's nerdy snob<br>appeal, says spokesw=
      oman Rachel Konrad. The Tesla Roadster uses an AC motor descended<br>direct=
      ly from Tesla's original 1882 design, which he said came to him in a vision=
      .<br>Still, for all Tesla's cachet, Edison's legacy remains inescapable. Ms=
      . Konrad says<br>customers note with irony that Tesla Motors' main showroom=
      is in Menlo Park, Calif.<br>To help boost the Tesla name, the automotive s=
      tart-up has launched a promotional<br> sweepstakes with Capcom around the r=
      elease of Dark Void. The prize: a Tesla Roadster.<br>For Nikola Tesla himse=
      lf, Ms. Konrad says, the prize is overdue recognition. "You<br>know you've =
      gone into mainstream pop glory when you're in a videogame aimed at<br>18-ye=
      ar-old<br>boys," she says.<br><br><br>OTHER RELATED ARTICLES AND ITEMS.<br>=
      Another article on Tesla just out from Infinite Energy Magazine <br>[<a hre=
      Z2Q2Yu8Q4mWKDhALQjt6zRtIwaNi4wxi_Z53tbPKgeyA9_h" target=3D"_blank">http://r=
      hALQjt6zRtIwaNi4wxi_Z53tbPKgeyA9_h</a>]regarding<br>the preservation effort=
      s of Wardenclyffe Tower. The whole 89th issue is dedicated<br>to Tesla scie=
      nce.<br><a href=3D"http://www.infinite-energy.com/images/pdfs/wardenclyffei=
      e89.pdf" target=3D"_blank">http://www.infinite-energy.com/images/pdfs/warde=
      nclyffeie89.pdf</a><br>[<a href=3D"http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=3D1102931339683=
      1EKumwUgyns5vrqnchb8DHvaDQV2A1ZU9NDnvXC5BcUVk=3D" target=3D"_blank">http://=
      UVk=3D</a>]<br>A complete set of DVDs on Tesla technologies and also books =
      and reports are available<br>for anyone who would like to know more about t=
      his Genius! Click on pictures below.<br><br>Tesla in lab with coils for wir=
      eless transmission<br>[<a href=3D"http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=3D1102931339683&=
      _Uj092UnALzl5ysrAtRWJQQ=3D=3D" target=3D"_blank">http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=
      7nTduCByrC_hjzsgP_Uj092UnALzl5ysrAtRWJQQ=3D=3D</a>]<br>Tesla DVD set<br>[<a=
      jTAcL-Vc" target=3D"_blank">http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=3D1102931339683&s=
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