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  • Weinhold Shannon L
    This happened to me recently too Ted. I gave up on the copper tubes and got creative and came up with something different. I recently had very good luck with a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2008
      This happened to me recently too Ted. I gave up on the copper tubes and got creative and came up with something different.
      I recently had very good luck with a spark cap consisting of 2 steel ( or copper or what have you)  bars approx 7 inches each running parallel, each connected to a ground connector, making them easily adjustable, as they just pivot on the screw that holds the ground connector fastened to your enclosure or base. Then I ran a blower about 4 inches from the gap. The blower was a raft inflator without the extension tube.. They have considerable output. This worked very well on the twin tesla coil setup I built. I'm starting to think that the multiple gap copper tubes are just too finicky, as these seemed to work just as well with only two elements. And you can get these pretty far apart and they'll still work fine and will get your coil roaring.
      With a single coil in operation I was getting 25" arcs to ground with a 15kv 30ma nst. I used a mmc cap configuration using Murata doorknobs across the nst outputs and ran the gap and primary in series. You'll wreck a weak transformer doing this sometimes, but as long as you're transformer is pretty stout it seems to work fine. My transco 15/30 just keeps going and going.
      It would be interesting to try multiples of this configuration to see how that worked.
      I've used this technique with three different coils now and have found that round bars seem to work better that square ones(but either will work), and any sharp edges need to be filed down.
      Also, the end of one bar cannot be too close to the ground connector of the other or all of your sparks will happen there. Coating the connector with a corona putty would probably be an excellent idea. When you get this up and running it looks a bit like a copper tube gap on steroids. Sparks run all over its surface, but keep moving due to the blower.
      Hope that's helpful. Its a super easy gap, and its really easy to clean. All you have to do is pivot one away from the other and you have open access.
      Klasdja Intelligent Innovations.
      FYI - I have a really cool Cockroft Walton voltage multiplier for sale on ebay. It could be used for powering x-ray tubes, electrostatic lifter applications, Kirlean photography, use your imagination. I think it would even make a killer tesla coil power supply if you had cables that could withstand such voltages without leakages.
      It will multiply 20kv (up to 3 amps input) into 120kv, 79kv under heavy load. Its enclosed in a pelican case and sealed in clear epoxy resin. This is made from 6 high quality doorknob capacitors 12 heavy duty 15kv 1/2 amp high voltage rectifiers. I've ran it with an ignition coil as a power source and got 5 inch sparks that sound like a gun shot. That was with very little amperage input, with some real amperage on the input it would be a scary beast. When something semipointed is hooked to its output it ionizes everything in the room. It charged me up from a distance just like a van de graaff would. Anyway, this is actually a project that I built with my father in hopes of getting him a little business going. He is disabled and poor and does very little with his spare time. He is quite intelligent though and very capable. I hope to get him winding secondary coils soon and start selling them on ebay soon too.
      Any future sales of his will be listed under his ebay store "kilovolt-industries" He's not quite up to speed on how to do an auction listing yet, so this one is listed on my store.
      If anyone out there could use such a device please consider purchasing it. He is getting all of the profit and it will really build up his self esteem and hopefully get him motivated to get his life moving again.

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      Tesla coil spark gap From: Ted Bej



      Tesla coil spark gap

      Posted by: "Ted Bej" settostun1@...   tedbej

      Tue Sep 23, 2008 2:28 am (PDT)

      I decieded to give my spark gaps a cleaning removing the carbon. Now I
      can't seem to get the spark gaps back into sink. Either the gaps are to
      far apart or too close.(These are static spark gaps not rotary) Now the
      coil is prettty much useless it has no where the power output it used
      to it sort of fizzels even with the the break out point. Its a pretty
      much dead coil. What to do?

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