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Tesla product R&D affirmations

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  • William Sullivan
    Hello!, I m new to this Group, but have consulted as Tesla Inc. for many years... including reviews & promotions of Nikola s concepts. including video
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2008
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      Hello!, I'm new to this Group, but have consulted as "Tesla Inc." for many years...  including reviews & promotions of Nikola's concepts.

      including video sharing and correspondence w/ some Tesla groups.

      I also led various Xerox Product/R&D/ & Customer Support Labs.


      In my retirement, I wonder if anyone has focused on setting up some small R & D programs to validate what happened in his various Labs.


      I suspect we could raise nominal capital, and interested volunteers to

      bring to fruitition some small key breakthrus, and develop some serious

      projects.. i.e  build his "rotating Egg" device...or offer a small Xmtr w/ a small receiver, to eliminate DC batteries in many devices used today.   We'd particularly like to promote his12 cycle system and other LF systems that have found positive niche markets... or even to evaluate

      Nikola's device to deliver Nitrogen products to farmers.  Certainly those

      who have studied his experiences, could recommend many more options for bringing Telsa's R&D concepts to some useful items that others have overlooked.

           Thanks for any interests or responses.

      Bill Sullivan

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