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Tesla - the new Tesla Society

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  • Eric Krieg
    People, Check out: http://www.ucsofa.com/newtesla.htm The Dennis Lee operation now owns the Tesla Society. I personally have a number of serious concerns
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 1999

      Check out:

      The Dennis Lee operation now owns the Tesla Society. I personally have a number of serious concerns about Dennis Lee, his claims and business operations. They are documented at:

      The first web page I mentioned gives the following acccount from Dennis concerning the new society:

      Dear Tesla Society Member or Creditor,

      May 11, 1999

      I would like to take this
      opportunity to communicate my
      intentions to you in our recent
      purchase of the assets of the
      Tesla Society. It is my belief that
      Nikola Tesla was the greatest
      scientist ever to grace mankind
      with his presence. He was
      relatively unsung in his lifetime,
      and, even now that we have lived
      another hundred years to see just
      how incredible he really was, he
      has yet to gain the recognition his memory so richly deserves. I am in
      awe of his greatness and respect his insight more than I do any other
      human this side of Jesus Christ. I have funded Tesla research in my
      own research lab for over four years now. His brilliance never ceases
      to amaze me. Frankly, the Tesla Society was offensive to me in that it
      seemed more bent on exploiting Tesla�s name than on honoring his
      achievements and his memory, and encouraging creativity.

      We are developing an electric generator that we intend to put out on
      the market this year and take advantage of the deregulation of power
      production (the grid is not being deregulated as many think). We are
      viewed as the illegitimate children of free energy research by many,
      but we love the Guru as much as anyone. In his honor, we have
      chosen to call our national free electricity project the International
      Tesla Electric Company (ITEC). Naming it is anything but using his
      name for an advantage. That is too "in your face" to be thought of as
      exploiting his reputation. But we think it is time that Nikola Tesla
      receive at least as much recognition as those who have spent the last
      hundred years exploiting society in the name of Edison. In fact, we
      are dialoguing now with the Edison Electric Institute to build 40 foot
      trailers that will produce one megawatt of power to hook directly up
      to sub stations or factories in time for the Y2K. Our free energy
      trailers will produce a megawatt of power on wheels with absolutely
      no fuel costs. It will draw a lot of attention to ITEC, especially if
      there are power failures that necessitate a convoy of power on
      wheels. It is about time that Tesla got recognized for his contributions
      to the electricity industry. We will do all we can to make that name a
      household word in electricity and science. Tesla trailers coming to
      major cities to prevent major power failures could go a long way
      toward putting that name out front.

      So, it is the International Tesla
      Electric Company (through Better
      World Technologies) that has just
      bought the Tesla Society. We
      paid $5,000 for all the assets of
      the society, including the name.
      Our goal is to honor the memory
      of Nikola Tesla. As a creditor,
      you may fail to see how paying
      about 5% of the debts of the
      company for all of its assets
      honors Nikola Tesla. Whatever
      we paid goes to the court. The
      assets are not worth more than
      that as an investment. We know
      what happens to money paid for
      assets in a bankruptcy...the
      lawyers divide it up among
      themselves. The creditors get nothing. Well, now that we have given
      the vultures the carcass, and we have no LEGAL obligation to any of
      the creditors (or to the court), we will announce our VOLUNTARY

      The International Tesla Electric Company shall finance the Tesla
      Society. The goal will be to take part of our percentage of all the
      income paid to ITEC from the sale of electricity nationwide and fund
      the Tesla Society. When that income is established we will have the
      management of the Tesla Society pay 100% of all the money owed to
      the past creditors of the society at a prime plus 2% interest rate from
      the time the debt(s) were incurred. Then all debts shall have been fully
      retired to the honor of the memory of Nikola Tesla. The management
      team shall also be instructed to arrange for at least two Tesla
      Conventions annually. These conventions shall be free to the public
      and may run more than a week. We have NO interest in exploiting the
      name of this great man. Those who come shall merely pay their own
      hotel bills and expenses and stay for whatever presentations they are
      interested in. ALL who have creative theories, inventions, or
      constructive thoughts shall be allowed and encouraged to speak
      whether or not they have published a paper (or are scientifically
      trained enough to do so). Of course the speaker�s past achievements
      and education shall be advertised. In the new Tesla Society, NO ONE
      shall be have the society�s blessing to exploit the ideas or inventions
      presented by others without their permission in the manner that
      George Wiseman was allowed to in the past. Those who have patents
      and proprietary rights shall be respected by anyone associated with
      the new Tesla Society, and abusers of those rights will not be allowed
      to participate in the functions. Any KNOWN CIA (or other
      government) agents present at any of the conventions shall be pointed
      out to those present and exposed to the general membership. Of
      course they will also be asked to leave. Anyone who has a rumor to
      tell about any of the speakers shall be identified with his rumor in the
      open, and both he and the intended target will be given a reasonable
      opportunity to offer a public accusation and a rebuttal. The idea here
      is to join hands in brotherhood and common cause, and to act like
      seekers of truth. We seek to advance true science and to halt the
      suppression of ideas and innovation. What greater victim of that than
      Nikola Tesla?

      We shall strive to set up a
      museum of suppressed
      technical advancements
      especially in the free
      energy area. It shall be
      called the "The Tesla
      Society�s Museum of Real
      Science". It will have
      whatever we can find of
      Nikola Tesla�s writings
      and inventions (including
      those which have been
      continued by followers).
      There will be as many
      things as we can find or
      recreate from Keeley,
      Gray, Moray, Otis T.
      Karr, Tucker, Carini,
      Murray, Yull Brown, and
      other creative people from whom we can find or donate models,
      writings, and other representations of contributions that these people
      tried to bring forth to make our world better. It will include
      contemporary thinkers as well as those in our past who have
      struggled against the suppression of free scientific thought. Applicants
      of inventors to be entered into this museum shall be taken and
      evaluated by committee, and ultimately voted on by the membership.
      The museum shall be established and maintained mostly by the sales
      of electricity through the International Tesla Electric Company. Books
      and other publications, as well as audio and video tapes, shall be for
      sale, but only at whatever the exact cost is to have them reproduced.
      Members shall pay dues to cover all the costs of the club, and free
      functions shall be hosted with any profits. We will strive to fund
      worthy research projects, and give grants to deserving presenters.
      Hopefully, in this manner, the Tesla Society shall serve as a way of us
      providing a small token of appreciation for the many sacrifices of
      those who have been willing to confront the many obstacles that face
      creative thinkers when confronting a politically and economically
      driven scientific community of self interest.

      We are taking applications for
      those who believe that they could
      direct such a club, and who feel
      they are qualified to be the
      president, or serve on a
      directional board, of this
      organization. The organization
      shall be owned and ultimately
      supervised by Better World
      Technologies and I shall have
      final say. While there are many people who think I am a "con artist"
      and overall really bad guy, I think time, and God, will reveal my true
      intentions. I certainly will not be hard to work with unless someone
      expects to set up the same Tesla Society from the past. In that case,
      please do not bother to apply and waste all our time. If you love Tesla
      and want to help make this a better world for us all, please get beyond
      any pre impression you may have of me from listening to rumors, and
      contact us. If you are on the list of past creditors, then we probably
      already know of your claim. If you think we do not have you down,
      contact us. If you had anything to do with publishing or printing the
      Tesla magazines, please contact us again. If you have any exhibits
      that you could redonate to the museum please contact us. Let�s all
      work together to build a club that can truly bring honor to real
      scientists. I hope you can get to really know who we are and that our
      hearts are right. We believe that all creativity comes from God and is
      revealed to a person as a blessing intended for all mankind. That does
      not mean that the one chosen by God to present and further it is to be
      forsaken. If you are an inventor and seeker of truth, you will really
      love the new Tesla Society. We hope you will be open to the
      possibilities. It truly is exciting.

      Those who have paid for subscriptions and memberships will get
      them. Those who ordered things that we do not have will get a credit
      toward what we will have. We intend to work to build an organization
      that Tesla would have been proud to have in his name. He deserves
      that! Amen?

      With our Highest Regards for all those enlightened individuals who
      know and love truth,

      The Team at Better World Technologies.

      P.S. If you think I (Dennis Lee) have done something to injure you or
      another, why not write me about it and get my input rather than just judging me? The
      new Tesla Society is not, nor is it ever intended to be about Dennis
      Lee. I�m just another Tesla lover.


      Eric Krieg eric@...

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