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Tesla (cross post from Dowsing email list)

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  • Eric Krieg
    ... This is part of standard Newman-soule operating procedure: If inundating you with debate or the non-sequitor list of people who supposedly verified it does
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 1999
      First we heard earlier:

      >Joseph Newman will put up $10,000 and he challenges you to put up $10,000
      >and then publicly debate him on the fundamentals of electromagnetism before
      >the public in Phoenix, Arizona. He will advertise the event in the local
      >media and you are welcome to do the same. The openly-invited public who
      >attend the event will decide (by majority vote) whether Joseph Newman or
      >Norman Biss is more knowledgeable about the fundamentals of

      >Mr. Biss, what is your personal telephone number and mailing address?

      This is part of standard Newman-soule operating procedure:

      If inundating you with debate or the non-sequitor list of people who
      supposedly verified it does not dissuade critics then they:

      1. Try to draw you into a distraction debate over who knows more "theory"
      2. Try to intimidate any skeptic by pressing them for a home address and phone

      OK, now a post of possible interest from the very busy main dowsing list
      where Tesla comes up from time to time:

      re: russian use of tesla technology
      Sun, 3 Jan 1999 10:04:34 -0800 (PST)

      Josh, you're a fountain of info! The following info was told to a group
      of us who heard Dr. Andrea Puharich speak back in the mid-1980s.

      The US government really goofed after Tesla's death. All his papers were
      in this country. Sometime later, the Russians insisted that his papers
      be 'returned' to his birthplace - don't recall where, but it was under
      Russian control at the time.

      So the US govt sent Tesla's papers, not even perusing them or making
      copies. The Russians, however, proceeded to study them, learn from them
      and experiment with the Tesla technologies that had been discredited in
      the USA (thanks to Tesla's quarrel with Edison!).

      All during the late 60s and throughout much of the 70s, there were all
      sorts of unexplained EM phenomena observed all over the world. Fireball
      explosions in Canada as well as fireballs and huge low sonic booms off
      the east coast of the USA, to name a few not mentioned in the info Josh
      posted. These phenomena were created by beaming standing waves of
      certain frequencies around the world. If they passed over rocks
      containing iron ore, there could be unexplained explosions!

      Dr. Andrea Puharich, who died last year, was very cognizant of Tesla's
      work. Puharich knew what the Russians were doing and tried and tried to
      get the US govt to listen to him, to no avail. Certain ones in the govt
      who had disliked Tesla set out to discredit Puharich, too. So he went to
      the Israeli govt who did listen to him.

      Then the US govt, feeling that Puharich was onto some secret (suspect)
      research of his own began to hound and harrass him. Puharich at that
      time was in communication with a group of young people whom he'd decided
      were 'space kids,' who'd come here with special missions. So he was
      trying to help them. His underground lab in NY State was burned. When he
      moved to Virginia (I think, maybe NC), his house was harrassed from
      above by US Airforce pilots who had orders to buzz the house
      periodically when they were on manuvers. Puharich just laughed - he knew
      they were trying to un-nerve him.

      The real Soviet threat came to light finally during a conference of
      scientists and others interested in paranormal research, in Iceland,
      which Puharich attended. The Russians sent ELF signals to this
      conference, making everyone there sick. Puharich immediately recognized
      the symptoms, and knowing what the Russians had been experimenting with,
      protected himself and tuned his shortwave radio receiver and located the
      source of that transmission to be near Riga. And this is when Puharich
      developed the Tesla watch so people could wear it and be immune to ELF

      The US govt finally realized they'd better pay attention to what the
      Russians were doing. They knew about the Tower in Riga and two others in
      Russia. But instead of exposing what they'd found out to the world at
      large and the UN, they decided to build their own Tesla-based weapons
      and give the Russians a dose of their own medicine! And I imagine that
      that h.a.a.r.p. project in Alaska was part of this. Puharich didn't say
      where the US govt was building. But from what I know about the Alaskan
      project, the above statement is a very good assumption.

      Tesla had stopped his research during the last few years of his life, as
      he realized what could happen if his technologies got into the wrong
      hands! He went around the world talking about peace. Too bad he didn't
      take measures to ensure that his research didn't fall into the wrong

      Tesla's technology can be used to create such mass destructive power
      that the very planet could be split in two. Earthquakes can be caused to
      happen that would throw the whole world into cataclysm. All you need to
      do is beam certain frequencies to certain spots on and inside the
      earth's crust - and whammo! Or to certain areas in the atmosphere and
      cause horrendous changes in the weather. Or beam them to cities and,
      depending on the strength of the signals, cause anywhere from mild
      discomfort (stomach upsets, diarrhea, headaches) to total debilitation
      of the target population.

      Perhaps the misuse of similar technology could have been responsible for
      the demise of Lemuria and Atlantis and the raising of the Andes and the
      former sea that is now the Amazon basin. Perhaps Tesla and Puharich were
      reincarnated Atlanteans? And those Russian and US scientists who
      misused this technology - could they be reincarnations of those whose
      misuse destroyed their former world?

      What we need to remember now, of course, is that with the break-up of
      the Soviet Union and the subsequent economic disasters in that region,
      those Tesla-based technological weapons sites no longer have the funds
      to support them. Unfortunately, the US govt still has access to funds to
      support their own nefarious research along these lines.

      Florence Deems

      "When you let your heart sing...... there's soon a choir." (Jeff
      Maxwell, 1998)
      I personally think Puharich is one more paranoid kook - but it makes
      for interesting rumors none the less. I did see a great nut case page at:
      . . . it lists off Tesla at the very start. I collect these kinds of
      things for my crackpot email list which you can check out from:


      Eric Krieg eric@... fax (215) 654-0651
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