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Tesla - a look at the new society owner

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  • Eric Krieg
    I ve heard that JW McGinness, President of the Tesla Society of the past, for years put his own money into it trying to keep it afloat and make it a success.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 1999
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      I've heard that JW McGinness, President of the Tesla Society
      of the past, for years put his own money into it trying to keep
      it afloat and make it a success. He is probably one of the victims in
      that whole thing. I know that Dennis Lee always had it out for him.

      The following is an account of interest by Michael:

      When Dennis Lee appeared at a Tesla Symposium in Colorado Springs, i had a
      chance to interview him privately, shortly before he made his presentation.
      The background on this is interesting. He tends to draw a public which is
      not normally plugged into Tesla communication lines. Thus, the Tesla
      Society found it worthwhile to have him come in and do presentations,
      because he did draw people who would not otherwise have known about our
      activities. Many of these people are older gentlemen with money to invest.
      Everyone i have ever spoken to who has invested in Lee's projects, has never
      seen a return on their investment. This would total about 20 people over a
      span of several years. Many of these investors follow Lee around the
      country, in hopes of getting back at least something. What Dennis tends to
      do, is put on very compelling shows which include what appear to be working
      models of several technologies which he has collected over the years. He
      always spent a lot of time talking about how he has been persecuted by
      various authorities. There is always tremendous anger displayed during his
      talks that i have witnessed, which tends to be appreciated by the crowds.
      This anger often spilled over into his dealing with Tesla Society officials,
      and they have always reported to me that he was extraordinarily difficult to
      work with, frequently setting up bizarre conditions and requirements for his

      At the time of this interview, which i think was in 1997, his main focus was
      "solar energy". The solar collector he demonstrated was a model i was
      familiar with from my work in a solar energy business in 1982. It is not
      truly a solar system. It is actually a heat pump which depends on a lot of
      electricity to run its motors, and is charged with a conventional
      refrigerant in its plumbing. This particular model was regarded by most
      legitimate solar energy experts of the early 80's as terribly inefficient,
      an opinion i can vouch for, having assessed two different working
      installations of this system. He also was displaying several other models,
      including an odd-looking wind generator and a "free-energy device" which
      nobody had a chance to seriously evaluate at that time.

      I first ran into him at the Global Sciences conference in 1989 in Denver.
      At that time, i heard several reports of an incident at a supplemental
      presentation he set up, which was not part of the actual conference
      proceedings. Because it was not a regularly scheduled part of the
      conference, i was not in the room at the time. Therefore, a friend arranged
      for me to see a video of the incident. A noted Tesla technology researcher
      came into the room, and when given an opportunity, asked a pointed question
      as to why none of Lee's investors had yet received any money back. Lee then
      went into a bizarre diatribe against this individual, accusing him of having
      murdered an 8-year old girl. Eventually the researcher left the room, as it
      appeared the incident was about to degenerate into a physical fight.

      While talking with Dennis Lee, he first brought up the subject of his
      father, who he said was his main inspiration in life. He made his father
      out to be a god-like individual, but factually he said they lived in a
      series of apartments while he was a child after his parents divorced, and
      that his father never made much of a living as an itinerant worker. Then,
      we somehow got on to the subject of religion. Dennis said he is a devout
      Christian. He told me that he receives communications from God constantly,
      and that God always tells him the right thing to do. At that point the
      interview had to be ended because his presentation time was coming up. I
      had the unenviable job of introducing him on stage.

      I came away with the impression that Dennis Lee is a singularly dangerous
      individual. This is due to the twin aberrations in his personality -- that
      he has this voice from God always telling him what to do, making it possible
      for him to justify any action, and that he actually believes whatever he
      says, when he tells a lie.
      -------------------------- end of post -------------
      It's eerie that Dennis accused someone of killing an 8 year old girl - because
      Dennis's FE twin, Joe Newman actually married an 8 year old girl.

      Eric Krieg eric@...

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