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    Jack, what seems strange to me is after Tesla s death, there have about 70 years of people trying to recreate his fantastic never-worked claims and as far as I
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      what seems strange to me is after Tesla's death, there have about 70 years of people trying to recreate his fantastic never-worked claims and as far as I know, none have ever worked. What inventor today with something really working and sold will tell you, "I made this fantastic device by resurrecting the work of Tesla". Tesla didn't even acknowledge the great contributions by Einstein. But plenty of people have advanced science and based discoveries based on Einsteins special and general relativity models.


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      >? Hawking is somewhat interesting?because he is very close to Einstein and?has it appears about a ?20% practical side. Tesla was Einstein's Mentor according to relatives of his son I know personally in Houston and LA. Both are Physicists and father and son but at each ends of the spectrum. The theoretically father worked with fuzzy hair at Cal Tech. when he was 13 Before he knew of the relationship to Einstein's son.?Einstein switched the child at birth because of the union with his?I think first cousin. Einstein's Theory of Relative was one of his practical jokes. ?And main stream Cambridge dominated science who was being hammered by Tesla at the time latched on to him as their savior. They swallowed hook line and sinker. He calculated 99% they would. Harvey Filia in LA thought he was the foremost authority about gravity on the planet . I the wannabe Non Tech. inclined snake Oil salesman dusted him off in a matter of minutes. 99% you and your?Noble friend?if classical only?can be handled in the same manor if you challenge me. Because I do not need assistance anymore from the Inventive side of the equation. I caused GM/Delphi to add or reassign 1000 Eng's to alternative projects in early?2002. After meetings I then associates had with probably the Top industrial visionary Chief Scientist on the planet. Dr. Carlton Speck has never questioned me once since. ????????Review the following if you wish ?because know knowledge explains Zero. ?Also when you make the step into 4 D the current thought to be absolute understandings primarily Maxwell derived postulations are useless and worthless.? So if your theoreticalcal only in the conventional bastion of conformity sense your probably history. ?Because vast new Multi and inter dimensional ?4 D?in nature?5 th. force level equations exist and have for about a generation. They were created by a late business partner/Tech. developer ?Naturally they will not be published because the theoretical and operational real world matrixes ?are the ?bases for a pending Corp.??There is no reason to publish them because operational production ready easily verified totally revolutionary devices described here exist. If I may be allowed pontificate for I say onto you (Little Joke) ?( Forgive me I have a passion for attempting Mind Games) Classical Science will need to learn a totally different Non Book related?Mech. side thinking ?method of obtaining knowledge.??If not they will so to speak be left behind to fend for themselves in what I refer to as the deep dark foreboding sea of ignorance (Lack Of Knowledge) until their Books(Bibles to them) become water logged and they then ?sink below the waves of positive change. ?Tesla's Revenge is term I came up with in 2003. ?Do you like that? ?All Inclusive Sir Issac Newton who's chair Hawking Sits in learned from life experiences Remember the apple. As Da Vinci, Faraday, Tesla and Einstein did. They understood experience is the best teacher and by doing so were able to accomplish what they did.?Classical Science will need to adopt the same posture if they wish to evolve.??Otherwise they? probably will not. If they are unable to step onto a new age that is the way it goes sometimes. As far? as I know degrees did not come with Guarantees. I know I did not waste my time attaining any. For some reason. Forgive me I'm having real fun at your expense. I become very bored so ?I'm always looking for new playmates because I ware out most I encounter in a very short period of time.?Especially classical only science types.??I would love a Shot at Hawking Can you arrange the occurrence? Since Your in the UK ?and have Nobel friends. ?I have reviewed Nobel's will and inventions described if factual here qualify. The question is how could they not? ???MY name is Jack Carey ?and My No is 810 744 9587 or if no answer 810 919 2317 is?the Mobile No.?I'm the Non tech. inclined creator of the business side of the equation. ?A 50 million dollar state of the art??Tech center here named after the prime builder of GM in early Sept. ?is it appears willing to when their drive on ?Dyno is in place. Test?a 92 Chevy 1/2? Ton 350 V 8 T Body injected long box which is achieving at least double current mileage?possibilities Plus there is a 20% power increase factor. ?I would prefer the more experienced EPA national vehicle test lab 50 miles from here conduct verification. But they are very arrogant and their red tape protocol is 90 layers deep.? Now because of the devastating storm historical high adverse to the economy gas prices will probably soar dramatically so timing of introduction is ideal. ???The revolutionary totally world changing Holy Grail level (Ram Jet) no ware out or moving part simple to Manuf. High Profit, ?add on Tube shaped obsolete version Gas Vaporization Tech. Installed on the truck. Which has been well tested as a technology over many years? also burns the hydrogen contained in gasoline. No Smog Equipment is required.?Because The Front Page Planet level truck is producing basically Zero?emissions which ?totally solves the most prolific environmental problem in probably recorded history. ?Plus there is revolutionary ultra high flow also noise canceling Muffler installed on the truck. There is a ?95 Lincoln in a different state FWD V 8? which has?a totally different?less pronounced ?very simple but complex also polarity reversing in regard to the Tech. and combining of several dissimilar metals process dynamics in line device installed since 95. ?Mileage on the auto which has near 200,000 Miles on it is around 33 MPG Highway instead of 20 MPG. The Executive Dean of the Tech. center mentioned has driven the truck. ??Whereas in the trucks case it?was necessary to move the T Body to the side of the Engine. So gas could be fed through a heated by the exhaust tube type configuration ?A film maker is arriving from Berlin Germany in mid Sept. His communicate is below and a local Fox station is willing to introduce the Tech.?Per an updated ?Confirmation conversation today ?In regard to any published or aired story's. ?Kristy Moser Chan 66 Flint Mi. 810 785 8866 is my choice for the Lead reporter position. The intent is to Manuf. the various Gas Vaporization devices and Muffler in?Mid Mi. and sell?license to distribute Agreements only through a master at least billion dollar level licensee. The?Muffler probably will?never wear out if used in conjunction with gas vaporizers. NO ?IPO's are planned and naturally none would be issued which pertain to the Planned Core Co. ?In a message dated 8/27/2005 8:59:35 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Krausemike writes:Jack,
      >was on a tour through Germany to get more involvement and it seems to turn out good you know its a fight and we have to carry on. Writing and rewriting and organization is tough and takes time expect me after September 16 to do a fine filming on the?Tesla project wish all the best ...
      >Thanks for directions!!---------------------------------------?I the Non Tech. inclined creator of the business side of the equation will not be featured in any story's either written or filmed. PERIOD> ? Nor will anyone else directly involved.??Only off Camera conceptual only dynamics Explanations will be tendered. NO Process dimensions ?or duplication? realms will be disclosed.??Verification can be accomplished in one hour by anyone who can calculate fuel mileage. ?The revolutionary clean burn gas vaporization and muffler technologies installed on the 92 Chevy 1/2 350 V 8 truck are minor versions compared to advanced designs. The Ram Jet can also be incorporated into the intake. And an engine would appear the same as now. Plus a new Turbo/Vaporization unit is theoretically possible. ??Plus horse power can theoretically be doubled with a centrifuge Tech.?Oil can be kept clean with a currently theoretical centrifuge device. Add only when necessary and change a filter every 100,000 miles. As it is oil will state clean far longer because of ultra high burn rate of the Ram Jet. Compared to about 25% burn rates currently possible.? My truck could be driven by 4 Cy. And still have 8 Cy. performance. There is a currently theoretical vaporization device which would replace injectors on FI platforms.???Presently The two separate entity's work in conjunction with each other.?Just on opposite sides of the engine. Only 3 different?muffler size's are?needed to cover all the applications in existence. ??From Lawn mowers to Semi's. The one on my truck will also function on a SEMI. The advanced models are far quieter. ?Drastically Reducing road noise from combustion alone is a major advancement. Then factor in the ultra high flow dynamics. ?There is also an operational for 5 years device which eliminates Diesel smoke and soot. And improves mileage about 20% No glow plugs are necessary.?The visual aspect of the??Nobel level ?Gas Vaporization (Ram Jet) Trillion dollar level Tech. and Dual tube Muffler ?is very simple to ascertain. ?NO NDA's are required before testing, demonstrations or filming. ??Water/ Steam Injection would boast mileage. A larger opening intake would increase high end Torque. Low end torque is now around 20% above normal HP> So Platform sizes could be reduced.?? ?The topper is subtracting probably 3 to 4 miles per Gal. at E way speeds Aerodynamic flow improvements would solve?that deterrent factor.? Slippery rear axle compounds would reduce the drive train drag coefficient. ??The range of the truck's 34 Gal. tank is ?currently? in the 800 Plus mile range. In average wind resistant conditions Instead of the current 350 mile range for comparable's. The Oil will stay clean probably 3 to 4 times longer. Idle Speed is around 300 RPM's instead of the ?800 range for comparable's. Gas receipts exist from a recent trip from Flint Mi to St Louis where the device was installed And then to Flint Mi. from St Louis via Cinn.?Idle speed drops to around 100 RPM's when in drive and the break is applied. ?My 2002 Avalanche does not decrease at all under the same operating conditions.Just the ultra low RPM ?possibility alone saves billions of Gal's of fuel on the planet. ????All inclusive in regards to internal combustion dynamics . The most prolific and profound totally amazing and currently unimaginable achievement in 150 years?and unequaled on the planet to say the least.?Gas consumption on the planet could in theory be reduced by?probably 75%. ?Air planes range can also be doubled. Plus there are the Marine reduction in usage factors you have to consider in the over all drastic reduction in consumption equation. ??99.999%? the Auto Co's?will be totally dumbfounded and clueless. BTDT. More times than?I care to count.? Naturally No basically worthless unless you have 10's of billions to back them up patents currently exist.?Tech's will probably be covered by a Trademark process such as the one Marconi used to establish RCA. ?JRC?? Aug. 2005????
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