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  • schloktroff
    Aerielle Louise International*Broadcasting*Corp. http://www.IBCRadio.com/ TONIGHT James Arthur Jancik s Feet to the Fire
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2005
      Aerielle Louise


      James Arthur Jancik's "Feet to the Fire"
      During the 3rd (final) hour
      Sterling Allan is scheduled to discuss the
      Lutec 1000 which is said to be
      generating 1500% more energy "out" than the
      amount of energy "in" needed to energize the circuit.

      Sunday, April 3, 2005 - USA:

      9:53 PM to 11 PM EASTERN
      8:53 PM to 10 PM CENTRAL
      7:53 PM to 8 PM PACIFIC
      12:53:00 Mon Apr 04 2005 in GMT

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      Aerielle Louise

      IS THIS THE ONE ???
      Opinions welcome.

      Lutec 1000 Inventor Lu Brits: Interview 29 Mar. 2005


      With Marshall Masters

      Streaming Audio 56K/Broadband
      (Requires Free Flash Player)
      and Subscriber MP3 Download

      Lutec 1000 Inventor Lu Brits -
      Tesla Energy Overunity Prototype Works for 3 Years;
      Affordable Production Models Soon

      MP3 Download (0:53:44)

      This is the Tesla energy invention we've all be waiting
      for! It is called the Lutec 1000.

      Inventor Lu Brits first developed the concept for his
      Zero Point Energy device 20 years ago, while working on
      a maglev train project.

      For the last three years, his overunity prototype has
      been working like a stuck slot machine.

      It is generating 1500% more energy "out" than the
      amount of energy "in" needed to energize the circuit.

      In this history-making interview, Lu explains the
      various components of the Lutec 1000 and how it works
      in precise detail.

      What amazes us is that Lu and his partner are still
      alive, because this device really does work! Let's hope
      he can get it to market before the oil interests crush
      humanity's first real hope for free, clean, unlimited

      More info soon.
      Sterling D. Allan is working on a report.

      This Week in Free Energy™
      live Sunday evenings
      9:53-9:58 pm Eastern, U.S.,
      during James Arthur Jancik's
      "Feet To The Fire"
      available worldwide via

      Free Energy News Daily

      by PES Network Inc.
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