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post about Tesla being a visual thinker

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  • erickrieg@verizon.net
    Here s a link to a Nikola Tesla essay. http://www.aw-verlag.ch/Tesla/ProblemOfIncreasingHumanEnergy.PDF Scroll down to the part where he describes having a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2005
      Here's a link to a Nikola Tesla essay.


      Scroll down to the part where he describes having a grasp of visual
      images so strong that they displace his normal ocular input.

      "A long time ago, when I was a boy, I was afflicted
      with a singular trouble, which seems to
      have been due to an extraordinary excitability of
      the retina. It was the appearance of images which,
      by their persistence, marred the vision of real
      objects and interfered with thought. When a word
      was said to me, the image of the object which it
      designated would appear vividly before my eyes,
      and many times it was impossible for me to tell
      whether the object I saw was real or not. This
      caused me great discomfort and anxiety, and I tried
      hard to free myself of the spell. But for a long time
      I tried in vain, and it was not, as I clearly recollect,
      until I was about twelve years old that I succeeded
      for the first time, by an effort of the will, in banishing
      an image which presented itself. My happiness
      will never be as complete as it was then, but,
      unfortunately (as I thought at that time), the old
      trouble returned, and with it my anxiety. Here it
      was that the observations to which I refer began. I
      noted, namely, that whenever the image of an
      object appeared before my eyes I had seen something
      that reminded me of it. In the first instances I
      thought this to be purely accidental, but soon I
      convinced myself that it was not so. A visual
      impression, consciously or unconsciously received,
      invariably preceded the appearance of the image.
      Gradually the desire arose in me to find out, every
      time, what caused the images to appear, and the
      satisfaction of this desire soon became a necessity.
      The next observation I made was that, just as these
      images followed as a result of something I had
      seen, so also the thoughts which I conceived were
      suggested in like manner. Again, I experienced the
      same desire to locate the image which caused the
      thought, and this search for the original visual
      impression soon grew to be a second nature. Mt
      mind became automatic, as it were, and in the
      course of years of continued, almost unconscious
      performance, I acquired the ability of locating
      every time and, as a rule, instantly the visual
      impression which started the thought. Nor is this
      all. It was not long before I was aware that also all
      my movements were prompted in the same way,
      and so, searching, observing, and verifying continuously,
      year by year, I have, by every thought and every act of mine,
      demonstrated, and do so
      daily, to my absolute satisfaction, that I am an
      automaton endowed with power of movement,
      which merely responds to external stimuli beating
      upon my sense organs, and thinks and acts and
      moves accordingly. I remember only one or two
      cases in all my life in which I was unable to locate
      the first impression which prompted a movement
      or a thought, or even a dream."
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