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  • erickrieg@verizon.net
    ... Hi. I ve been designing a specialized type of Tesla coil in my mind that uses Plasma in place of wire of the secondary coil of the Transformer, Something
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2004
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      I've been designing a specialized type of Tesla coil in my mind that uses Plasma in place of wire of the secondary coil of the Transformer, Something keeps eating at me to develope it.
      This is a description of the basics for the Coil in mind.
      Parts and materials:
      1. A high pressure glass cylinder approximently 4 feet long and a 1/4 inch thick and 1 foot wide at its diameter.
      2.A mixture of all the noble Gases.
      3.Two sealed flat coils to act as end caps for the cylinder.
      4.A primary Tesla coil.
      5.A top load for secondary.
      6.A good power driver for the Primary coil.
      7.A power driver for the flat end coil caps.
      Description of the End coil caps:
      The flat end coil caps are designed to produce a spinning electromagnetic field at both ends of the Glass cylinder. These coils are to react with the noble electrified gases that will be sealed in the glass cylinder and will cause the gas to rotate into a cylindrical shaped vortex while electrified, The Cylindrical Electrified noble gases will act like virtual secondary windings the faster the Gases are spinning (Virtual Pathways).
      The Primary Tesla Coil will be tuned to resonate this virtual plasma winding in our Secondary Plasma winding setup, When the Plasma winding and the Primary Coil have become resonated together the Plasma will begin to deposit a high voltage potential onto the load top of our Plasma Secondary coil.

      The Concept is that the faster the noble gases can be spun into the shape of a cylinder of electrified gas the Plasma virtual wire will only be a molecule in width which would make an extreme amount of virtual pathway windings, Imagine if you would a 4 foot secondary with a million windings of conductive electrified Plasma that cannot be burned out, This is also the reason why we would need our glass cylinder to be able to withstand higher pressures than normal so our Glass cylinder does not break especially at higher currents that could lead to additional heat. The Glass cylinder was picked so that observation of what is occurring in the cylinder could be researched, The importance is being able to get the Noble Gases in the cylinder to rotated into a near perfect cyclonic cylinder within the Glass cylinder, If this is done properly I believe that we could create a Tesla coil system that is way beyond the current known tesla technology today, I believe that this type system maybe
      found in the future of electrogravitics within the core of these vehicles, I can see it clearly.
      Best of wishes and brand new discoveries.
      Gerald L.Blakley

      Visit My Site: http://hometown.aol.com/earthwindfireh20/WarpCoilConceptsindex.html

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