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Fw: [free_energy] Tesla and his foibles as recounted by Fred

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         the free_energy email list has a number of discussions about Tesla:
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      Subject: [free_energy] Tesla and his foibles as recounted by Fred

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      >According to tesla, his coil worked because of the
      ether. It would seem odd that it should still work in
      a void if there is no ether and no air to link the 2
      coils. It would seem that if a tesla coil works in a
      hard vacuum, that would be a strong arguement for some
      form of ether.


      The existance of the ether was postulated by Maxwell
      because he initially could not imagine the workings of
      electricity without a medium to conduct it. But
      actually when you look at his equations, there is no
      ether in them. This inspired Einstein to postulate
      that Maxwell's equations implied that there was no
      ether at all.

      The Michaelson Morley experiment proved that no ether
      was detectable. From this Lorentz postulated that
      matter in motion relative to the ether would contract.
      (the lorentz contraction). This was unsatisfactory
      because it would  not satisfy occams razor. A
      postulated substance that by definition was

      Einstein showed that following Maxwel's
      electromagnetism, ether was not only not nesesary but
      contraindicated by the simple fact that every observer
      in a non-accerated reference frame would necesarily
      measure the laws of nature exactly the same. This is
      called strict Galilean relativity.

      Tesla had been a student before relativity, and never
      accepted relativity. He could not adjust to the new
      pardigm and so was relegated to the dust bin of
      science from that point on. There is no need for
      people of any degree of scientific acumen to call upon
      the ghost of tesla to support this discredited and
      discarded theory. It is a measure of their
      misunderstanding of physics that they even use this

      The equations of Maxwell do not have any ether in
      them, nor do they require any intervening substance to
      transmit electric and magnetic forces. The Tesla coil
      will work fine in a vacuum, but the effects that we
      like to see are going to be missing, because those are
      produced by the ionization of the surrounding air.


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