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Tesla and Vedic Knowledge

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  • Lori Tompkins
    Hello, I just found the following article about Tesla by Toby Grotz - President of Wireless Engineering and wrote him a response that I d like to forward to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2004
      Hello, I just found the following article about Tesla by Toby Grotz -
      President of Wireless Engineering and wrote him a response that I'd
      like to forward to your group ...

      his article is at

      Dear Mr. Grotz,

      I just read your article/posting on Tesla and Vivikenanda...
      I was introduced to Tesla's work in 1996 by man in Boulder, Colorado
      who at one time was a highly paid scientist who gave up that life and
      lived in a trailer, and got around solely via bicycle. Soon after I
      began to seriously study yoga. And in 2000 came across the work of
      Patrizia Norelli-
      Bachelet who is the first yogi I have come across that really begins
      to bridge the gap between science and spirit. So I wanted to pass
      her work along to
      you. The link is to a specific page in her site ... but you can go
      back to the home page for more info. I recently read that Tesla had
      some knowledge of the
      power of the 3, 6, and the 9 ... if you have heard that also and
      know where I might find that reference, I would appreciate being
      pointed in the right direction towards
      his mathematical understanding .... if he new of the 3, 6 and the 9,
      he must have had some access to Vedic Math and Vedic sacred trinity
      embedded in the 9 number system,
      with its zero which originated apparently in India.

      "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would
      have a key to the universe." - Nicola Tesla

      please see:

      The numbers 3, 6, and 9 figure strongly in PNB's work.
      She explains how the 0 represents energy and 9 represents matter ...
      and the 0 and the 9 hold the same place in the circle ...
      the beginning is the end ... snake biting its tail ....
      I hope that more scientists can have access to Vedic truth ... and
      I know PNB is offering A LOT of new information that
      will help ... the Gnostic Circle figured in the link above is an
      important Key to the Universe.

      A little bit of history ... Vivikenanda "appeared" to Supramental
      Yoga Sri Aurobindo in an Indian jail to inform him of his spiritual
      destiny ...
      a woman who came to be known as the Mother became his spiritual co-
      hort in Pondicherry India (circa 1926) and P.N. Bachelet
      by the old followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother) arrived in
      Pondicherry in 1971 and began her contributions to the Supramental
      Due to non-receptivity of the field in Pondicherry, PNB retreated to
      Kodaikanal (a mountain station in Tamil Nadu, Southern India) where
      she still

      I hope this information may be of some use to you .... Once David
      Brohm and Krishnamurti (apparently a teacher of PN Bachelet) got
      together to discuss commonalities between spirit and science .... it
      would be VERY interesting if scientists interested in opening to the
      non-physical, spiritual realm
      would begin dialogue or at least studies of PNB's contributions. She
      is 66, who knows how many more years we will have this presence on
      the planet. (In my understanding she has the consciousness of the
      Vedic Rishis who wrote the Vedas ... as did Sri Aurobindo and the
      Mother .... a unified consciousness).

      "The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will
      make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries
      of its existence." ~~Nikola Tesla

      take care, Lori Tompkins

      let me know if you want any more info (books The Gnostic Circle and
      The Magical Carousel are probably the best places to start with her
      written works).
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