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[Fwd: [free_energy] More tesla invocations?]

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    ... Calling on Tesla for the most rediculous theories ... From PowerPedia The following is alternative information pertaining to the Dynamic Theory of Gravity
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      Calling on Tesla for the most rediculous theories

      --- In free_energy@yahoogroups.com, "Sterling D.
      Allan" <sterlingda@g...> wrote:

      >PowerPedia:Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity
      From PowerPedia

      The following is alternative information pertaining to
      the Dynamic Theory of Gravity published at Wikipedia

      "One must keep in mind that Einstein was "playing
      around" with the ether theories of the time (he had
      access to patents and documentation as he was a
      library clerk at the Swiss patent office) and
      certainly gave a good look at them, before the
      Relativistic theory popped up for the second time
      (this theory dates back to R. Boscovich, 1711-1787).
      Einstein himself said "The secret to creativity is
      knowing how to hide your sources"."

      Above is shear bullcrap - lies abound in the internet.
      Without Maxwell there could be no relativity. Only a
      person who had no idea how Einstien thought and wrote
      about relativity could say such stupid things.

      >It is important to understand Tesla's ether concept
      which was unique. Tesla's ether is in fact a medium,
      "a perfect fluid" that wets everything in which are
      immersed "independent carriers". It behaves as a solid
      to light (high frequency) and is transparent to
      matter. Tesla demonstrated how this ether could be
      "polarized" and made "rigid" through a particular HF
      alternator and single terminal coil he constructed
      using a partially evacuated tube on one occasion (ex.
      lecture in London) and 2 metal plates which he
      "suspended" in the air making the space between them
      rigid "privately" on another.

      Tesla did no such a thing. The Aether has never been
      demonstarted in any experiment. Calling on the dead
      Tesla for one's own asinine theories is an old tactic
      called pseusoepigraphia.

      "Another important Tesla concept connected to his
      ether theory and DToG are his "primary solar rays".
      Grossolaneously, the sun acts as a "generator" for our
      solar system. It emits a enormous amounts of radiation
      which Tesla calls primary solar rays. These rays in
      turn, hit various particles in space which give rise
      to his secondary radiation which is much weaker. The
      primary solar rays reach the various planets imparting
      momentum to them which are constantly at right angles
      respect to their trajectory from the sun (radial)."

      Unbelievable crap. The Momentum exerted by light is
      well understood and is never at right angles to it
      vector of motion. Comet tails are a good example of
      both light and ionic pressure.

      "Tesla often repeated that nothing in the universe is
      standing still because if it were, all matter would
      "decay" back to the ether (we are hurling through
      space at incredible speed sitting on our planet). In
      fact, Tesla stated that if we could shield any
      radioactive element from these rays, it would cease to
      be radioactive."

      I doubt that Tesla ever said this but even if he did
      it is crap.


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