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Typical use of teslas name for sales of garbage trinkets

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  • Ali Bali Gumba
    From: surfer55uk Date: Fri Aug 6, 2004 5:51 am Subject: THE TESLA SHIELD ADVERTISEMENT Life Technology Research International ®
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      From: "surfer55uk" <gregorypeck2000@y...>
      Date: Fri Aug 6, 2004 5:51 am
      Subject: THE TESLA SHIELD

      Life Technology Research International ®
      email us at: ormusalchemy@a... for more information

      "All matter comes from a primary substance, the luminiferous ether,"
      stated Nikola Tesla. He sensed the universe was "composed of a
      symphony of alternating currents with the harmonies played on a vast
      range of octaves," wrote Margaret Cheney. "To explore the whole range
      of electrical vibration, he sensed, would bring him closer to an
      understanding of the cosmic symphony."
      From Tesla- Man Out of Time

      Tesla understood that the cosmic symphony is resonance. Nothing
      exists in the Universe that does not have harmonic vibration. In
      realizing this Tesla influenced the production of personal
      oscillators that vibrate in tune with "the luminiferous ether."

      Thus, the creation of The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™
      The atomic structure of The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ has been
      altered, allowing the atoms and electrons of the aluminum to resonate
      in tune with the basic energy that causes the particles of every atom
      and molecule to be in constant vibration. Once the structure of the
      atoms of the aluminum have been altered, they will remain in that
      condition- possibly indefinitely. The plates create a positive energy
      field around themselves that will penetrate any material substance by

      The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ energy is said to be beneficial to
      all life...plant, animal or human. Science has proven that by
      projecting love or positive energy to a plant, the plant will
      flourish. The plate energy will also do the same thing to plants.
      Burns, cuts, aches and pains involve a sudden change to the normal
      vibration rate of tissue. The theory is that the energy around the
      plates helps to accelerate the healing and thus return the injured
      area to its normal rate of vibration.

      Violet is also the color of the flame of Saint Germain, and
      corresponds with the 7th energy center in our bodies, also known as
      the crown chakra.

      Superb Protection Against Electromagnetic Radiation
      The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ can be worn to raise personal energy
      levels and to protect one against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in
      the environment and from EMR- producing equipment, such as computers,
      televisions, etc. The life-force energy of The Tesla Purple Energy
      Shield™ can be measured by radionic equipment. When using this
      measurement, the energy level of an individual might oscillate (or
      vibrate) around 25,000 cycles a second. When you hold The Tesla
      Purple Energy Shield™, the reading immediately increases to 90,000-
      95,000 cycles a second. It will not remain at that level, but with
      continual use of the plate, it will slowly increase to a steady
      100,000 cycles per second. All faith healing utilizes this higher

      In his book Beyond Ascension, Joshua Stone refers to the Tesla
      technology involved in the creation of Tesla Purple Energy
      Devices; "One of the most extraordinary tools I have found to raise
      my quotient, is the Purple Positive Energy Devices. I am not one for
      gadgets. I have seen them all, and I use almost none of them. The one
      exception I make is the use of the Tesla Purple Energy Devices, which
      I am sure many of you have seen. It is actually a free energy device.
      The Purple Energy Devices not only cleared the food of all negative
      energy, and negative residues such as pesticides, but also energised
      the food. Now I put all my food on it and I continue to be amazed".

      The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ has been gifted to us at this time to
      serve this purpose. Within its beautiful ergonomic design lies the
      zeropoint energetic field that can be effectively utilized for:

      Psychic Protection
      Electromagnetic shield
      Aura Amplification
      DNA Rejuvenation
      Tachyon Energy Stimulation
      Improved Health & Well-Being
      Crystal Enhancement
      Energy balancing

      The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ incorporates several future
      technologies as a basis for its creation and capsular design. The
      Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ is a functional scientific creation based
      on the principles of sacred geometry , zero-point energy, orgonomy,
      superconductivity, and harmonic frequencies of light. The properties
      of The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ are such that a "positive" light
      field is produced uniformly in all directions from the centre of the
      capsule. This light field is actually visible in a dimly lit room and
      is immediately recognisable to psychics or clairvoyants.

      The device incorporates a special Ethero-Magnetic™ caduceus orgone
      generating coil which utilises the magickal and sacred 'lost cubit'
      measurement, a meaurement so profound that its precise value can not
      be found in ancient or modern literature. Only select few individuals
      and scientists are aware of its actual value.

      The "Lost Cubit" was discovered in April of 2000 by german
      astrophysicist Hans Becker. The "Lost" cubit is a previously unknown
      cubit length which fills a harmonic gap between the "Sacred"
      and "Royal" cubits of Ancient Egypt. Research and calculations made
      by Becker indicate that the "Lost" cubit may well have been
      deliberately omitted from ancient records due to its powerful

      The "Lost Cubit" is derived from the sum of the polar and equatorial
      circumferences of the Earth, in inches, divided into the speed of
      light. It therefore relates to Earth natural harmonics in a special
      way. We believe that this discovery of Hans Becker, The "Lost Cubit",
      is that long lost information that will, as research progresses,
      yield the secret keys to extraordinary health and extreme longevity.

      This highly secret information was always strongly guarded by the
      priesthood of Egypt and was reserved only for high initiates and
      Phaoroh himself. Today this secret information is incorporated by
      Life Technology Research International into the design of The Tesla
      Purple Energy Shield™

      The Lost Cubit has a natural resonant frequency of 177 megacycles and
      in some as yet unknown manner, assists the user in changing his DNA
      at will, and thus turning on the "longevity" gene. This may be why
      there are no records of the length and function of the "Lost" cubit.

      The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ also contains 'Aurum Solis' Ormus
      White Powder Monatomic Gold (see www.subtleenergies.com) which is a
      material of powerful healing ,spiritual enhancing and manifesting
      properties which acts as a subtle energy antenna enhancing the
      transmission and delivery of our intent to the creative centre of the

      The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ may be used in each of the following
      The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ is designed to be worn as a pendant
      24/7 and will function optimally in this mode. Alternatively the
      device may be Placed on a desk or on a bedside table for passive
      functionality, no input from the user is required. The device is an
      ideal size to be carried in a pocket or kept in a handbag. It is
      better that the device should be kept as close as possible to the
      user, ideally within 2 meters.

      The device may also be kept under a pillow while sleeping where
      healing and transformational energy will permeate the user's body and
      influence the subconcious mind ,or held in the hands or placed on the
      body while meditating. While relaxing or meditating it is an
      excellent idea to hold the The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ capsule in
      either or both hands and focus positively on areas of ones life where
      positive change could occur, ie ones job ,health, relationships etc.
      In any form of concious subtle energy manipulation, results will
      occur through the artificial enhancement of natural processes. It is
      therefore important to recognise the new opportunities that you will
      attract to your life which will direct you towards a new paradigm of
      positivity with all the rewards that the state brings.

      The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ may also be used as a radionic
      transmitter and may be used to facilitate subtle energy transmission
      for distant healing or Life-Trend manipulation etc.

      The Tesla Purple Energy Shield™ retails at $90 on our
      site .international shipping is charged at $5.

      As instructed by the FDA ,we must state that this product is strictly
      for experimentation and research purposes only.

      This product may be of interest to students or practitioners of
      Alchemy ,Kabbalah, Reiki, Homeopathy, Healing, Buddhism, Shamanism,
      Pagansism, Rife Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Witchcraft, Antropology,
      Wicca, Magick, Huna, Hypnosis, Nlp, Rosicrucianism, Mysticism,
      Radionics, Psionics and Psychotronics etc.
      email us at: ormusalchemy@a... for more information
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