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  • Eric Krieg
    People, the main Newman email list has run into server problems again. I again recommended to the people running that list to just switch once and for all to
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 18, 1999

      the main Newman email list has run into server problems again. I again recommended to the people running that list to just switch once and for all to this list. I originally reserved this list just to make sure it could be free from Newman cult members masquerading as foul mouthed females. The only reason I did not actively promote the list before was I didn't want to splinter the main list. I hope the owners of the main list will take up my offer to allow me to sign up everyone on this list.

      more on this stuff as it develops

      Eric Krieg eric@...

    • coexusa
      Dear NEW USA-TESLA List: The following is a post from Norm Biss. He is responding to an email from a writer on AOL. This is regarding Joseph Newman and his
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 19, 1999
        Dear NEW USA-TESLA List:

        The following is a post from Norm Biss. He is responding to an email from a
        writer on AOL. This is regarding Joseph Newman and his con-jobs on people.
        The "sick" twist in this is the 1989 Articles in the Memphis newspaper
        (click on URL's) regarding Joseph Newman marrying an 8 year old girl !!
        According to the quotes by the reporter, Newman admits to all this and says
        that God told him to marry this 8 year old girl !! The State Child
        Protective Services finally took the 8 year old girl and her younger brother
        away from Newman.

        Dye Hawley

        ASu2431426@... wrote:

        From: ASu2431426@...
        Why is the discussion always on scam artists or novelties like drinking

        If you want to discuss over unity start with research and development work
        by US Navy (Washington D.C. and China Lake), CEREM, NASA, Fiat, Motorola,
        Bechtel, SRI, over 200 confirmations and we know of at least 20 active
        corporate developments.

        You wont this is in your daily propaganda sheet...they all follow NEW YORK
        TIMES which is covering for its advertisers.

        FTIR ASu2431426@...


        Norm Biss responds.

        The obvious reason for the discussions turning to scam artists and
        novelties, is because there are
        so many scam artists, in addition to "Novelties" being foisted off on an
        unwary public. While not
        all experimentation is done with fraud in mind, there are more than a
        coincedential amount of less
        than scrupulous individuals, who are involved.
        Just as obvious, is the fact that almost everyone on these lists have
        subscribed for the purpose of
        staying informed as to progress in the various forms of FE/OU being
        investigated. Most list members
        are content to accept results as they are given. But in the final analysis,
        reproducible proof which
        is verifiable, is necessary to advance any given theory.

        WE are partly responsible for the abundance of scam artists, because we are
        not (In some cases),
        demanding proof of claims made by charlatans. IT IS UP TO US TO POLICE OUR

        In most cases, just a little common-sense coupled with logic will produce a
        plethora of questions
        that should be asked. WE are not asking these questions. I am now taking
        it upon myself to
        bring forth these questions.

        I realize that this is not going to sit too well with some subscribers, but
        I must pose these questions.
        Maybe it will get some of the other list members to start asking some hard
        questions themselves!

        Both Jed Rothwell and Mitchell Jones have had the courage to come forth and
        voice their opinions
        (Please note that I did not say skepticism) in regards to the "Newman

        In my opinion, I feel that Joseph Newman has milked the public and the Free
        Energy Movement
        for the last 20 years. Am I saying that his technology does not have
        merit? Absolutely not! What
        I am saying is that he came up with a theory (as yet unproven), but is
        incapable of personally
        seeing it thru to completion. I also personally feel that any REAL
        breakthrough of this technology
        will be accomplished by Stefan Hartman. Why? Because Stefan is very
        thorough in his approach
        to mastering Joe Newman's technology. Am I a big fan of Stefan Hartmann?
        No. I do, however
        respect the work ethic and documentation he performs with his experiments.
        When he performs
        tests, he not only gives the results, but more importantly he explains how
        the tests were conducted.
        This makes the results reproducible by anyone who cares to duplicate the
        experiment. This also
        guides others around the pitfalls that did not work.

        Now, let's apply the same set of standards to Joseph Newman. Joseph Newman
        announced on the
        first of February, that his motor was ready to go into production, and
        delivery was promised by
        June of this year. Before WE start cheering, let us examine, closely,
        exactly what is involved to do

        To take an electric motor from the prototype stage, to the production stage,
        requires about 6~9
        months. Any manufacturer of this motor must purchase the necessary tooling,
        stamping dies, etc.
        After this is done, it must be assured that these parts are going to fit
        together in accordance with
        the schematics and drawings that Joe Newman provided them with. When
        production starts, the
        motor must be submitted to UL for testing and approval. Let me clarify
        something at this point:
        There is NO Federal law which requires a motor to be UL tested prior to
        sale. There are,
        however, several States that do require UL approval, and almost ALL major
        cities require the same
        for operation in their jurisdictions. Now lets assume that the motor is
        only going to be sold in those
        areas which do not have a requirement for UL approval. Fine. BUT, no
        insurance carrier will
        cover any damage or injury caused by a non-UL approved device. This UL
        approval will take
        about 4~6 months.

        Now, lets look at the cost of the motor. Joe Newman is asking for $7,000.00
        for each motor.
        He is also asking for $3,500.00 down payment. If you will go to the
        following URL:


        you will find that Joe Newman stated that there is $6,000.00 worth of
        Neodymium magnets in the
        prototype motor. (Remember that he is basing his test results on the motor
        with Neodymium
        magnets inside it). QUESTION: How can you sell a motor for 7G's, and put
        6G's worth of magnets
        inside it? You can't! Now, if you were to replace the Neodymium magnets
        with Ceramic magnets,
        you could do it...........but, The neodymium magnets are rated at 12,000
        gauss, while the ceramic
        magnets are rated at 4,100 gauss. These figures come from the biggest
        magnet manufacturer in
        the U.S. Furthermore, in addition to having a motor with about 1/3 the
        strength of the prototype,
        you are being given the ole "Bait-and-switch" tactic. Highly illegal.

        But, let's give Mr. Newman the benefit of the doubt, and assume that the
        motor he is selling does
        in fact have the proper magnets inside. He has stated that with 60 volts of
        lantern batterys, he has
        achieved 40 RPM. If you will check with your local "Grainger" dealer, he
        will show you that the
        AC generators must turn at 3600 RPM to generate electricity. This is 90
        times the RPM of Joe
        Newman's motor tests. In his book, there is a notarized statement by Dr.
        Roger Hastings, in
        which he states (Quote) "To power the average home, the motor will require
        10,000 Volts, to
        20,000 Volts of input power"(End Quote). Now if we assume that the average
        6 Volt Lantern
        Battery costs $3.00 each, this means that each volt costs fifty-cents. This
        means that in addition
        to spending $7,000.00 for a motor, another $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 must be
        spent for batterys.
        But we can't put our checkbook away yet. Remember that this is just a
        motor. Now you must spend another $700.00~$800.00 for a Generator, which
        the motor will power. Oh yeah, there
        is still the matter of hiring an electrician to make sure that the system is
        properly configured, in
        accordance with the electric code.

        I do not understand how anyone can attempt to even consider buying a motor
        which has such
        big claims made for it, but with no proof of testing procedures used to
        arrive at the figures given
        for it's capabilities.

        Finally, I think you must consider the character of the individual making
        claims for a device, which
        for the last 20 years, he has been saying will be on sale in a few months.
        Now I realize that some
        of the most inventive geniuses in recorded history had some pretty bizarre
        quirks in their makeup.
        I personally do NOT have any respect for an individual who would marry an
        8-year-old girl, and
        then say the reason for it was because GOD told him to do it.

        The following two URL's are articles from the Mobile Press Register
        Newspaper, Mobile Alabama,
        and dated the 11th and 14 of August, 1989. These were obtained from the
        Newspapers Archives,
        and certified as to their authenticity. The first URL tells of his
        "Marriage" to his child-bride, and
        the second URL explains how, three days later, the courts awarded custody of
        the little girl, and her
        three year old brother, to the state. Newman was peeved because they took
        away his child-bride.



        If I have offended anybody with my frankness, I apologize. However,
        everytime one of these scam
        artists gets funding from private individuals, not only does it take away
        funding from adherents who
        are sincere, but has the effect of painting ALL FE/OU experimenters as
        frauds. I think it is time for
        US to clean our own house, before the public does it for us.

        Thank you.


        Norm Biss
        Erie, Pa.

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