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Tesla energy conference

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  • eric
    ********************************************************* *** FIRST TESLA ENERGY SCIENCE CONFERENCE & EXPO
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2003
      Tom Valone, president of the Integrity Research Institute, will present
      the first Tesla Energy Conference & Exposition on November 8-9,
      2003, in the Washington DC Metro Area. This two-day energy science
      exposition honors Nikola Tesla, a inventor and electrical engineer who
      performed amazing feats of technological innovation. Tesla's
      breakthrough inventions and U.S. Patents exceed 700, including the
      poly-phase alternating current system, wireless communication and
      radio. This conference has a list of confirmed speakers presenting a
      fascinating array of topics. Therewill be informative lectures, dramatic
      demonstrations (including a Tesla Coil demonstration), and
      alternative energy exhibits. Act quickly to receive a reduced conference
      registration fee as well as a discount on your hotel room reservation.
      The conference is being held on a 3-day weekend (Veterans Day).
      Spend the extra time exploring Washington, DC.
      Find out more using our quick link page:


      In other news, I offer some more sobering information on a guy said
      to be the next Tesla, Tom Bearden:

      Eric Krieg
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