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tesla discussion from another list

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  • eric
    this comes from the best email list on free_energy: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/free_energy/ ... From: Gavin Dingley To: free_energy@yahoogroups.com Sent:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2003
      this comes from the best email list on free_energy:
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      Sent: Saturday, August 09, 2003 12:08 PM
      Subject: Re: [free_energy] Proof that the MEG does not work

      Hi Phil,
      I am one of those "Tesla-nuts" but I would like to think of myself as being
      on the more sane end of the spectrum. One of the problems with Tesla was
      that he was very poetic and the press tended to home in on this, blowing
      things out of proportion and leaving a slight historical bruise. For
      instance, with regard to the communication from another planet, he said that
      he had received a regular signal. We now know that there are many things in
      space that emit a regular signal, like rotating neutron stars (which when
      discovered was also considered to be of ET origin initially); but instead of
      merely suggesting it was extraterrestrial contact, he went off on a poetic
      tangent, philosophising about "life out there"; however he never said that
      he was in continuous contact with ETs!
      The death ray, or teleforce as he called it, is actually quite a mundane bit
      of kit. Using a Van-de-Graff generator, he intended to electrically charge
      either metal splinters or mercury droplets and project them at high velocity
      using electrostatic repulsion. In the case of mercury, he would pretty much
      have invented the ion engine. These days, lasers carrying high energy
      particles are the kind of set-up considered to be a death ray; a set-up
      erroneously credited to Tesla. Although he did play around with high energy
      particles, he did not consider this method economic enough as a weapon.
      Around the same time, a UV beam acting as a carrier for high-frequency
      high-voltage currents was considered, however Tesla himself said that such
      an arrangement would not work. In fact, of all the death ray ideas that were
      presented at the time, Tesla's was the most down to earth and practical,
      though never tried.
      The only proposals that really stick out to discredit him are those with
      regard to wireless transmission of power and telegeodynamics.With both of
      these you can only prove one way or the other trough practical experiments,
      as this is exactly how he originally came upon them in the first place;
      there was little theorising involved.
      The thing to remember is that his inventions were ahead of his time and so
      often got rejected. For instance, it took a while for people to even
      understand the operation of his induction motor. I personally could not see
      how a tesla coil could work until I built one, and it did; gave me the
      fright of life (this was a time when Tesla and tesla coils were unheard of
      here in the UK)! Another example is his remote controlled boat; the patent
      examiner did not believe him, but it was demonstrated and shown to work.
      Most of the stuff which leads to discrediting Tesla are very recent in
      origin, and have little to do what was stated in his time by himself or
      others, i.e. he is now legend larger than life. Also Thomas Edison, in his
      old age, was trying to build a machine to contact the dead, but he still
      stands respectfully in the history books; no mention here of Old Crackpot

      Sorry to go on, regards,


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      Sent: Saturday, August 09, 2003 9:03 AM
      Subject: Re: [free_energy] Proof that the MEG does not work

      > 'Beaumont Everest Ray III' wrote:
      > > Anyone know how many patents Tesla had under his belt? Quite a few more
      than AC and 3-phase
      > > electric motors....
      > Given the many ridiculous "free energy" patents, not to mention those
      > for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and for teasing cats with laser
      > pointers, I don't think one can draw any meaningful inferences from the
      > number of patents someone holds.
      > Phil's continual slamming of Tesla is shallow and ludicrous.
      > How so? Is there anything I've said about him that isn't true? It's a
      > simple fact that the man did some great work in his younger years, then
      > went totally off the deep end in his old age. He claimed, among other
      > things, to be in communication with intelligent life on other planets,
      > to have a "death ray" that could shoot down aircraft at great distances,
      > and to be able to split the earth in half. A very sad way for a
      > once-great man to make his exit, yet the free energy crackpots still
      > take as absolute gospel every word he ever said in those later years.
      > Phil
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