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Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification

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  • sky watcher
    donna wrote:To: RadarMatrix2003 From: donna Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:07:03 -0400 Subject: [RadarMatrix2003] Planned and Inadvertent
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      donna <maio1@...> wrote:
      To: "RadarMatrix2003"
      From: "donna"
      Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:07:03 -0400
      Subject: [RadarMatrix2003] Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification


      Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification
      A Policy Statement of the American Meteorological Society as adopted by the Council on 5 January 1992


      As a result...

      Dear Sir

      As Chief of Operations and Director be advised that we are immediately putting you on notice that �CANADIAN Environmental Science and Research Group will challenge your Weather Modification claims and also be advised that we will notify all governing international bodies, that scientific evidence subject to scrutiny by the community must be submitted for such claims produced on your Web Site noted as http://twm.co.nz .

      A copy of this message will be sent to the United Nations Directorate for the Environment and NASA. Finally, be advised if you do not withdraw such claims from your web site our Legal Department will be notified in regards to representation to the Canadian Federal Government in respect to such claims and require a hearing before the International Court of Justice, Peace Palace 2517 KJ The Hague The Netherlands.

      Chief of Operations and Field Research
      Robert Tye, B Sc., Hon. Sc.,
      Professor of Law and Sciences

      �CANADIAN Environmental Science and Research Group 


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