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67Big Sparks

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  • dgiwelb <dgiwelb@yahoo.com>
    Mar 3, 2003
      I am looking to purchase a suitable assembled marx generator/
      tesla coil for my Thesis. my website url is
      a.parsons.edu/~dawng/thesis  -  will explain a bit further. The
      final work needs to be completed in 3 weeks time.

      The sparks need to be 3/4ft, housed inside a 4ft by 4ft or 3ft by 3ft
      square plexi box and I need components to split the coil output
      into four parts or two for the four inside corners. If I can order
      something now I can hopefully receive it by next week.  I am in
      new york city.

      Please email me at dgiwelb@... asap if you have the
      suitable components for me to buy or you know of someone who
      can help.