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298Bill Clinton was the First President of the United States!!! The Origins of States Names!!!

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  • George Baaden
    Oct 2 2:53 PM

            There is a Famous Bar Bet. It goes like this, "I will bet you a Beer, that you Do Not Know who the First President of the United States is"? Most Sheoples will jump on this and immediately say George Washington!!! And then say, "Where is My Beer???!!! Then the person asking the question, says, "Sorry Charlie, but John Hanson was the First President of the United States"!!! "Where is MY BEER"!!! And make it a Budweiser!!!
           Keep in mind, in 1776, George Washington was Only a General!!! There was a Congress, and there was a President of Congress, (which was the President of the United States), and etc. and etc.!!!
           George Washington became President in 1789!!! George Washington is the First President of the United States UNDER the then newly formed CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES!!! And this form of Government under the Constitution has lasted still to this day!!!
           BUT, there were Presidents of the United States prior to George Washington under different forms of Governments and etc..
           There were 2 forms of Governments with Presidents as the Leaders, PRIOR to the Government established under The Constitution!!!
           The Titles of these Presidents were:
      1).     Presidents of Congress.
      2).     Presidents of the United States Under the Articles of Confederation.
           This is where the People who say John Hanson was the First President of the United States go wrong. John Hanson was the First President of the United States Under the Articles of Confederation!!!
           This First President of the United States was Peyton Randolph, who served as President of Congress in 1774 then again in 1775!!!
           Walter Semkiw Runs the Website:   http://www.JohnAdams.net
           Walter Semkiw is claiming that he is in Communication with a Spirit, Ahtun Re, (BTW, this is the same Spirit that Shirley Maclaine was dealing with and etc.), who is informing him of people who are living today and their past lives!!! He is claiming that alot of the Revolutionary Leaders are coming back to today's time because they feel their Project, of which they started, which is Called the United States of America, might be needing leadership and direction and etc.!!!
           Walter Semkiw was told by this Spirit, (BTW, Kevin Ryerson is the Medium), that he was John Adams in his Previous Life!!! Hence the name of his Website, John Adams.net.
           According to Walter Semkiw, the Spirit, Ahtun Re, told him that Bill Clinton was in his Past Life, Peyton Randolph!!!
           (Scroll about half way down, and the article should be on the Right Side. A Picture of Bill Clinton next to Peyton Randolph):   http://www.johnadams.net/cases/samples/Kabbalah/index.html
           The Origin of States Names:     http://www.statesymbolsusa.org/Lists/state_name_origins.html