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285Re: [tesla] re: Tesla in Science Fiction

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  • dave pierson
    Aug 20, 2010
      > It has always struck me as odd how little Tesla is mentioned in
      > Science Fiction.
      > You would think that, with as important as his work has been for the
      > infrastructure of society, that Sci-Fi writers would have
      > included him more often?
      It has been argued that Tesla is/was the prototype for sundry
      'Mad Scientists'. Dr Frankenstein, of course precedes him.

      Beyond that writer's write what they know. Argubaly the
      saddest aspect of Tesla's carreer is how few people know
      of him...

      > Does anybody know of any decent Sci-Fi books that feature Tesla's
      > work?
      > I've searched online, but haven't really come up with anything...
      Not STRICTLY to the question, however in a 'detective story series'
      written and set in 1910ish vintage New York City, Tesla DOES make
      anappearance, in persion, named. If there is interest I can dig
      out the book. (I hope...)

      New dwp: dave_p@...
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