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282Albuquerque Tesla conference July 29 - August 1

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  • erickrieg@verizon.net
    Jul 19, 2010
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       ExtraOrdinary Technology Update

      Posted by: "Michael Riversong Education"
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      Sun Jul 18, 2010
      >4:07 pm (PDT)

      > Tesla Tech found an excellent facility for this year's ExtraOrdinary
      >Technology conference. In part, that means there's still room for more attendees
      >up to the last minute. This will be at the Marriott Albuquerque Pyramid North,
      >which is a distinctive and well known conference center. July 29 - August 1
      > Conference fee is $349.95, $299.95 for spouses, and $249.95 for students.
      > Tesla Tech phone: 520-463-1994
      > All the discounted hotel rooms have been taken. Rooms for the conference are
      >now $179, or $99 for AAA members. (There are other hotels nearby too.)
      > Hotel reservation line: 800-262-2043
      > As you know, my involvement with these conferences goes back a ways. Each
      >year has been better than the previous one consistently since 2004. Now we have
      >dramatically increased excitement! Last year a surprise speaker, Marko Rodin, absolutely
      >amazed us with an innovative way to wind power coils based on solid mathematics.
      > Over the past few months, several people have made improvements on his work in
      >medical and power applications.
      > On top of that, literally, John Searle is coming all the way from England.
      > Several Americans are currently working with him on further development of his
      >gravity control concepts. We will get comprehensive updates and get to see some
      >hardware. Russell Anderson has committed to being there with a working lifter,
      >to demonstrate the electrogravitic principle.
      > Many other notable speakers, including Dan Davidson, Moray King, Alex Petty,
      >and Paul Pantone will have new findings to share as well. Overall, these technologies
      >are now widely applicable to intentional communities, permaculture, and medicine.
      > Environmental profiles are great.
      > In case you're wondering about the weather, Albuquerque tends to have a relatively
      >stable climate this time of year. Temperatures are not unbearable during the days,
      >and nights tend to be cool. Low humidity means that it's usually comfortable.
      >And if you have some extra days, you will definitely enjoy them with so many fascinating
      >activities available.
      > If you absolutely can't make it to the conference there will be a discount
      >for pre-orders of the DVD set.
      > Hope to see many of you there! This is the place to learn about technology
      >with potential to save our planet!
      > -- Michael Riversong
      > Tesla Academy
      > Fort Collins, Colorado
      > www.teslaacademy.info
      > rivedu@...