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281Tesla Days in Philadelphia Rapidly Approaching

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  • erickrieg@verizon.net
    Jul 6, 2010
          there is a Tesla conference coming to Philadelphia soon:

      Eric Krieg

      > Tesla Days in Philadelphia Rapidly Approaching

      Posted by: "rivedu"
      >target="_blank"> rivedu@...

      Mon Jul 5, 2010 7:07 pm
      > (PDT)

      > Arrived here in pretty much one piece last Tuesday. Since then have
      >been working hard & meeting a lot of amazing people.
      > We did a lot of basic promo over the weekend. This consisted mainly of sending
      >teams into crowds of people and handing out event cards. Some people actually read
      > As with any conference of this type, lots more registrations are welcome.
      >Everyone who attends the scientific conference in particular will become a key resource
      >person in their community.
      > There are a number of events, including:
      > Tesla Birthday Bash
      > Tesla Coil Contest & Demo
      > Independence Hall Park
      > Friday July 9 8pm - ???
      > Saturday July 10 10am
      > This is unique. Have not heard of such a contest before. I';d like to
      >see every TV camera in the city trained on all the lightning! It';s going to
      >be a lot of fun and FREE!!! There will be music & displays too. If you have
      >friends in the media, get them to this!
      > Tesla Fest
      > Independence Visitor Center 6th & Market
      > Saturday July 10 10am - 8pm
      > Exhibits, Vendors, Music, informal, FREE
      > Presentations & Lectures
      > Free Library of Philadelphia 1901 Vine St.
      > Saturday July 10 10am - 5pm
      > Great way for members of the general public to get basic information about
      >Tesla, his technology, and current progress. FREE
      > Reception Dinner & Concert
      > Featuring the Divine Hand Ensemble
      > Saturday July 10 6pm - 11 pm
      > Arch Street Meeting House 320 Arch St. $20
      > And, what for me is the primary event, the reason i';m in Philadelphia
      >right now:
      > Tesla Days Scientific Conference
      > July 10 & 11 9am - 5pm
      > Two Liberty Place 32nd Floor 1601 Chestnut St.
      > Here is where you get the key information from a number of well recognized,
      >expert speakers. Those who attend this will find out exactly what each of us can
      >do to help save our planet by creating new methods of energy generation and transportation.
      >I';ve known several of the speakers for a long time, and they are excellent!
      >Worth every penny & minute you would spend.
      > Pre-registration is required, fee is $110 or half-price for students.
      > 215-253-5610
      > http://www.teslasciencefoundation.org
      > Right now, the best thing you can do to help is to get this information far
      >& wide, to everyone you can think of who has any concern about what';s happening
      >to our world today. There is a way through all this, and Nikola Tesla had it figured
      >out 100 years ago!
      > Michael Riversong
      > Biblical Bards
      > (307)635-0900
      > http://home.earthlink.net/~mriversong