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8423Malick sightings

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  • vanvutu
    May 17, 2012
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      From the current (May/June) issue of FILM COMMENT:

      Longtime Austin resident Terrence Malick
      was spotted at SXSW shooting material
      for his film about local music scenesters.
      Once known as LAWLESS, the movie awaits
      a re-christening after Malick generously
      ceded the title to John Hillcoat, who'd
      wanted it for the upcoming Prohibition
      crime drama. Not-LAWLESS stars Christian
      Bale, Ryan Gosling, Cate Blanchett,
      Rooney Mara, and Natalie Portman, and
      will be followed, per Malick's newly accel-
      erated rate of production, by KNIGHT OF
      CUPS, which re-teams Bale-Blanchett-
      Portman and is apparently named after
      a tarot card. No reports at press time of
      demand for the latter title.


      And here is a video of Malick filming something with Christian Bale.During the shooting, a female bystander interrupts by offering Bale a canned beverage, which he accepts. She walks away saying, "That was so awesome!"

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