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21592Re: Mills Brothers Dinah Four string

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  • gzboat
    Jun 16, 2017
      Steve, it's interesting that you made the jazz connection. I never thought of the Mills Brothers as a novelty act (though they surely were regarded as that during their vaudeville and early Hollywood years). That was all long before my time. By the time I became aware of them as a kid (late 1950's, 1960's), on shows like Ed Sullivan, Hollywood Palace, Dean Martin, etc., they were being treated as a high-quality vocal harmony group that had been around a long time. I'm sure that shaped my perception of their place in pop music history. I've thought for awhile that their vocal instrument emulation was neither more nor less than a form of scat singing (a pretty damn slick and effective form of scat singing). Of course, scat singing itself was regarded as a novelty for a long time..................
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